A Pants Review – A Review of Underwear Online

So, at some point, I realised I was relying on a very small selection of underwear. Enough to always have clean pants – because, with two kids and five cats, we’re always doing laundry. It was getting to the point though, that the only underwear I was comfortable wearing – physically and mentally – were also falling to bits.

I needed to buy new underwear. Except, it had been a bit of a hail mary finding the underwear I did have. I’m fat, I’m nonbinary and I’m awkward. Clothes in most shops just aren’t made for me. Let alone underwear.

I knew what I wanted – I wanted a similar style to men’s boxer briefs, but apparently, it isn’t that simple. There is more than one type of boxer brief, and I spent a lot more time than I would like to admit staring at crotches underwear online.

My requirements were a little complex. I needed something more on the masculine side in terms of the cut but not necessarily the colour/pattern. But I didn’t need or want a fly. I needed them to come in sizes big enough for me. (I wear a 44-inch waist and I’ll list the sizes I bought and wear from each company). I wanted a boxer brief style because I didn’t like the idea of them being baggy or loose around my legs.

Thus my search began. So if you want shorts that sit on the skin but aren’t too tight and don’t have a fly, then this is the review post for you.

I have not been paid to write any of this.

Genderfree World

The first pants I got were a gift from a friend. She already had some of these pants, as well as a couple of shirts from here and was keen to introduce me to them. So I got a pair of the teal and a pair of burgundy ones.

These were basically the most comfortable underwear I’ve worn in my life. They’re made from bamboo viscose and are really, really soft. I’ve had them for well over a year now and they’ve held up really well – although they’re definitely not as soft as they were when I first got them. Especially given how often I’ve worn and washed them.

The sizing is a bit different, there is no Small to XL, or 8-16, but basically, sizes 1 to 5. I’m a size 5 in the Genderfree World boxers.

They’re also expensive – from £18.50 a pair. But they are quality and will last, you need to think about the long term savings with these.

Visit Gender Free World here

On That Ass

On That Ass as a name for an underwear company is a bit cringe. It’s trying too hard to be cool I think, but maybe I’m not the demographic (I’m an uncool 40 enby, not a 20-something cis guy).

It’s actually a subscription service, you get a pair of pants every month for as long as you’re subscribed. It costs £9.99 a month. They usually give you a pair for free when you sign up. I figured if I liked them, I could subscribe until I had a good collection of pants to wear.

I didn’t like them that much. They’re okay but felt a little thin and I wasn’t crazy about the designs as a whole. I cancelled after I got my free pair.

I got an XL, and they fit okay if a little tight around my thighs.

Visit On That Ass here.


Oddballs have the same issue as On That Ass, but they’re trying to be funny rather than cool.

I really liked the patterns and designs of the Oddball’s selection. The even had some Welsh rugby and football designs (which I of course own). The quality it good and they’ve washed and lasted really well so far.

At £12 a pair, they’re not bad. And there are always sales and deals going on that you can check out.

My issue with the oddballs pants is the position of the seam. For some reason, it runs up the back of my legs and this gets uncomfortable after a while. Especially as most of my oddballs pants are probably a size smaller than they should be (I got XL instead of 2XL).

Visit Oddballs here.


Annoyingly, Delodes do not sell in the UK anymore. But, I’m adding them in the hope they will return to the UK and for people in the EU who can still get hold of Delodes (damn you Brexit!).

I really like the Delodes pants, the feel a little thinner than the Oddballs but they’re softer, even after a lot of washes and they don’t have the seam running up the back of my legs. I like the designs too, they’re prints rather than just patterns, and I got a 2XL in size so they fit really well.

The prices are pretty good. At the moment on the Irish site, the pants are €14.99, which is about £13 and they have sales and discounts all the time. Hopefully, they’ll be back in the UK.

Visit Delodes here

Other Goods

Oddballs, Delodes and Genderfree World all make other products as well. Of them, I’ve got a sports bra from Delodes. It’s not as big as I would like. Not around, but in height. I always feel like it’s a bit short, but it fits well and is comfortable. We have socks from Oddballs that are good quality – those are my wife’s. And Beany has some tights from Delodes. They’re adorable and pretty soft. Genderfree World make some amazing shirts, that I definitely want to get at some point.

I am hoping delodes start selling in the UK again, they’re my favourite of the pants I tried in my quest to find new underwear. I definitely recommend them.

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