Affiliate Free, Ad Free

Queer Little Family is an ad-free and affiliate free blog. This is for your benefit as well as mine. For a full post on why I won’t work with brands check this out. The short version is this. I don’t want to sell you anything (at least anything I haven’t made or photographed) and I’m not in this for the money. I want you to have a comfortable time on my site without having to navigate a lot of adverts.

I don’t want you, my readers, to have to wonder what my angle is and what I really think of something. I may be slightly paranoid in general anyway but I never really trust reviews on blogs. Which is not to say any bloggers are lying to you but if you were paid to review it then it’s not an unbiased opinion.

That’s what for you I want unbiased opinions. Stories over stuff. Honesty, integrity and entertainment.

So no sponsor posts, no affiliate links, no ads and no guest posts that have been paid for by a company.

I’m not saying that everyone should do it my way, or that my way is the right way.

It’s just right for me.

So, you’ll see these badges on my site, and on any post where you may think there are affiliate links. There won’t be by default but for clarity, these posts will also have a badge.

If you want to use them feel free. If you could send the odd reader or two to QLF that would be great.

If you want to support Queer Little Family, do so by reading, sharing and enjoying the blog. We also have a store with photography, prints, postcards, badges and other bits. Or you can make a one-off donation via Ko-fi or join our patreon programme.