Eight Awesome Alternative Advent Calenders For Kids

In the past, I have avoided most Christmas things and all Christmas posts until December but when it comes to advent calendars you need to buy them in November. Unless you just want to eat all the chocolate in one go on Christmas Eve. Which isn’t really the point I suppose. We already have one of these and I’ll probably not bother with a chocolate one and just eat a bunch of chocolate over November and December.

Not every kid likes chocolate though, and like my friend’s little girl some can’t eat it. So she gets a Haribo advent calender most years (though not every day is gluten-free) or a gluten-free/lactose-free one.

Hama Beads Advent Calender – 15.99

Hama beads advent calendarHama beads are those little round beads that you can make patterns and pictures out of them and iron them into shape. Our son’s mobile is made out of Hama beads in the shapes of our cat’s faces. This calendar comes with 5000 beads and 24 different patterns that you can make.

WOW Toys Wonderland Advent Calendar – 21.74

wow toys advent calendarWow, Toys make a few different countdown calenders as well as reward charts. This is one of their Christmas versions – there is a different toy every day all models that make up a full Christmas themed playset. Thew calender is one of the many on the list that turns into a background for the toys. It also comes with an activity sheet and a story and Santa has a car!

Playmobil 9264 Advent Calendar Santas Workshop – 19.00

With this playmobil advent calendarcalender, you get a Santa figure three elves and toys that they’re making at Santa’s workshop. The box turns into a backdrop for the figures and at the end of calendar you can set Santa up in his sleigh. We have a Playmobil nativity scene; they’re well-made toys and this is a cute set.

Advent Calender To Colour – 5.59

advent calendar to colourI’m not really into the whole colouring to relax but I can see how it would be beneficial – I did similar stuff when I was a teenager and even now I can’t just watch tv unless I’m doing something else. I’m considering this advent calender myself because I definitely need more downtime – though I’ll probably end up giving it to my niece! It folds out to display when you’re done or you can keep it as a book.

IWAKO Erasers Christmas 2017 Advent Calendar – 39.99

iwako erasers advent calendarThis is cute and awesome and perfect for stationary geeks (like me) but at forty quid the most expensive calender on the list. You get a different eraser every day, though I have noticed a couple of colour variations they’re pretty good and some are exclusive to this set – perfect for collecters of these erasers. They’re all Christmas themed and will probably never go anywhere near any pencil work!

Mega Bloks Despicable Me Minions Advent Calendar – 11.89

MEGA BLOKS DESPICABLE ME MINIONS ADVENT CALENDARMinions are everywhere and still pretty popular – there have been minions carnival floats for two years running now here. I love the film and it’s become a sort of comfort film for me and it’s something I don’t mind Snappy watching a bit of. The calendar comes with three minions everything is buildable and interchangeable with other Mega Bloks sets. Definitely great for any fan.

LEGO 60155 City Advent Calendar 2017 – 23.11

This is the advent LEGO 60155 CITY ADVENT CALENDAR 2017calender we have – I buy one for my wife every year and we build it up together. At the end of the season, the bits all join the rest of our lego bricks (and we have a lot of lego). This year the set features the usual Santa and a few other figures but also a cute gingerbread house, a toy train and an ice sculpture. I can’t wait for the first!

VTech Toot-Toot Animals Advent Calendar – 24.97

This VTECH TOOT-TOOT ANIMALS ADVENT CALENDAR calender requires batteries because Rudolph sings. Okay, he has three songs, some Christmas tunes and sound effects. And a baby reindeer which is kinda cute too, Not every day is a toy – there are a few toy baubles for the tree and some cookie cutters too. And the reindeer is compatible with other Vtech playsets too.


I hope there is something you or your kids would like, the prices are all on Amazon and may change as these things do. Let me know which is your favourite or if there are any more that I’ve missed!

eight awesome alternative advent calendars for kids

And check out our alternative adult advent calendars.

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9 Replies to “Eight Awesome Alternative Advent Calenders For Kids

  1. Love these. I’m going to hunt some of these down to purchase in Australia. These seem so much more fun than the usual chocolate ones

  2. There are SO many to choose from, it’s amazing – there were never all these different ones when my son was younger. The Lego ones look especially cool

  3. The Hama Beads calendar would be the one for me! I loved those when I was a child, in fact I still do now I’m an adult! 🙂 it’s nice that not all advent calendars for children are stuffed with sweets and chocolates! x

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