Creating Christmas


While I am less enthused about Christmas, bethend loves it. Her family is huge and gets together every year in a big group to eat and get a little merry. We have a real tree and decorates everything, buys one or two new decorations every year. This year we have two trees – one my nephew grew himself as part of a youth outreach project. It’s about a foot and a half high and sitting in a vase. Our big tree is currently being held upright by a piece of string on a hook.

Such is our house.


For Christmas Bethend has been sewing like crazy all December. We both have stockings, she made mine the second Christmas we spent together, her own she knitted – was one of the first things she made when she came to Wales. Snappy doesn’t have a stocking, nor does my friend Mel who’s spending the holiday with us. So that’s two she’s made.

As well as two regular size stockings, she’s also making an advent calendar for Snappy. She’s making a tiny stocking for every day, with different decorations. She also made an ornament out of a tin that a hat given to Snappy was in. It’s very cool, and if you weren’t in the Christmas spirit before coming into our house you will be when you leave. We’ve been listening to a Christmas music playlist and watching films. She’s bloody amazing, as she’s also looking after me, the baby and the house at the same time. In the meantime I’ve been wrapping my presents with electrical tape because we ran out of selotape.

Here are some of what she’s made this month:

Merry Christmas

We hope you all have a good weekend, whether you celebrate Christmas or not. Whether you’re with family or not.


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