Guest Post: Musings of the Medicated

This week I feature my first guest post, by Miranda at JKLMN Homeschool Adventures

Musings of the Medicated

Why is being medicated for a well-known and debilitating condition such taboo? Medications are available to treat any illness. Why is being medicated for a mental illness any different? Mental illnesses are especially hard for the ones who chose to be medicated, there’s the endless trial and error stage. When you finally get adjusted and are stable for an amount of time, then they have to be adjusted again. Then there’s the issue of cost. Or you, unfortunately for one reason or another, have to quit medication all together. This is especially hard on the individual who is just trying to better themselves.


It took me 9 months to almost a year to find my perfect medicine combination. I’ve been quite stable for some time now, with minor adjustments along the way. For the United States as a whole, why isn’t there free mental illness healthcare available? How many lives would this change? I, for one, would definitely be a lot less stressed. No more worrying about how I can or can’t afford medications I desperately need to function properly. Now here I sit at the beck and call of a federal government who has no idea what its like to need something. Especially when you aren’t sure how you will or will not be able to afford it.

Anxiety by Edvard Munch

Why do big pharmaceutical companies have to charge $1000 for a months worth of medication? It’s not affordable and the “Affordable Healthcare” option is NOT so affordable either. This amount is not feasible for a normal hard-working family to be able to afford. When is enough, enough? Anxiety, depression and mania run me ragged daily when I’m un-medicated. Yet here I am left to ponder when and if there will come a day when I can no longer afford these much needed medications.

How do we gain control over our lives again? Well we vote, the Presidential election is coming up soon. Make your voice count. Choose someone who cares about change, change for the better for all! Vote for someone who will not continue to allow things to stay the way they are at this time. President Obama wanted change and while he succeeded, how much of that change affected the lower class? And at what final cost?


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  1. It is wrong that medication for depression or mental illness is viewed differently from any other medicine. It’s also a terrible shame that it’s so costly! This is a great post to bring awareness. Thanks so much for sharing with #bloggerclubuk x

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