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Remember Mental Health Moments? I’m bringing the link up back.

It sort of died as my son was born and I was too busy to even blog, let alone blog, run a link up (even a monthly one) and work and have a tiny baby in the house. Things calmed down somewhat quickly, I settled into a routine of work, baby, blogging and sleep. It’s not easy but it sort of works, especially if I keep organised. I’ve set my priorities right; my son comes first and everything follows and I think we’ve all settled into a routine.

And as I write more, and get more involved in blogging communities and get to know more bloggers, I want to find more bloggers who write about mental health. More bloggers who share my experiences or teach me something with their own experiences.

I want to share what I write and what I find with these people, and share their work with a wide an audience as I can.

So I’m bringing back the monthly link up.


So the first Monday of every month  Weird and Important and my other blog Winging It will host Mental Health Moments.

Any post about mental health is welcome. Good or bad, positive or negative. Suffering or in recovery? That’s good too. Family members stories, informative posts, emotional posts, All welcome. And any sort of mental health problem is welcome. Depression, anxiety, OCD, the list is long but it’s all welcome in the link up.

The first mental health moments is on the 5th of June. Sign up for the email for a reminder of when of when the link up opens, or follow me on social media to keep up to date.

I love forward to seeing your posts in June!








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