Moving Webhosts

Don’t put up with shit web hosting.

That is my tip for the day. Just because it seems like a hassle or a bit scary to move everything, and trust me it is, it can be done and it is easy. It just takes a little time but it can be done.

It should be done.

Every week this year my site has gone done. Either for a few minutes or for a few hours. Usually after I’d posted, I would get an email saying the site was down or I would go and find it down myself. Really frustrating stuff and of course every time I checked with my web host the systems would be fine, no status problems and no real answers from support. And it happened every week. Weeks after week and I kept putting up with it.

Until they took my site down.

One of my blogs was under some sort of spam attack and putting unexpected strain on the servers to the point that everyone’s sites were effected. Fair enough. They told me what to do and I would’ve done.

Had they given me time to do it (also there was intermittent power cuts that day).

They took the site down again to move it to another server, though I was never clear how that was supposed to help and after that everything was screwed up. The database couldn’t always connected, I could connect the site properly with half the plugins I was using or to and jetpack. And I was really pissed off.

So I found another provider. Well…they found me. I’d been with my previous host for almost a decade, they were once great but have really gone downhill, in both the actual hosting and in support.

It wasn’t easy moving, but nearly as hard as you might think. Most hosting porviders will have systems in place for transfers and mostly it just involves downloading all your files via ftp and uploading them onto the new server.

The first thing I did was transfer the domains. It’s quick for uk domains, almost instant. International domains like .com and .net takes about a week – you have get a code, make sure you confirm it. Follow the instructions given by both web hosts.

I didn’t change the name servers immediately (what points your domain) – not until I had uploaded the blogs onto the new hosting, set up wordpress again, imported all the posts (which is easy). When I was sure everything was in place and after about eight support emails to the new hosting company (who were so helpful). It didn’t go perfectly. I lost two blog posts because I didn’t realise my last export of this blog was from my birthday (the 5th) and not later on in the month. Not the worst thing in the world. Two posts lost out of over 700 is not bad.

The only other thing that went wrong was that in the importing of the blog it didn’t import any of the pictures for this blog. So now I have to put them all in manually. Kind of sucks, but everything else works and works well. It’s quick, it hasn’t gone down and the support has been great.

So don’t be afriad to make the move. Don’t put up with crap for the sake of any easy life. Ask questions. Ask me questions. I’m always willing to help.

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