NaPoWriMo – Day 15

It’s warm around my finger,
silver around skin
around flesh around bone.
It imprints on my soul
through letters engraved
deep into the metal
and deep into me.
Through skin, and blood, and
borne of love
and days to come.
Accept it. I accept.

It shines and shouts
in sunlight
bounces of the bones
of our connection,
between days and nights
and what’s left in between.
dawn and evensong,
dusk and noon,
passing time silently
with silver to shout.
Silver to say everything
should you come looking.

Should you judge.
I accept. Even if you don’t.
It’s the difference between us,
pressing into skin and soul
body and bone.
I have all, I have her
and silver wrapped around me.
It’s different, to old gold,
and broken black gems
that burnt until pulled apart.

What we accept we live with.
I never forget it
as it warms and I wonder
what I did to deserve any of it.
I accept it now,
regardless of guilt or fate.
I am accepted
regardless of crime or punishment.
Thus the difference
to how we love.
Thus the reason, I accept.


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