OctPoWriMo Week Three Round Up

I’ve not done very well this week. I’ve had a rough week for various reasons so I’ve fallen behind with OctPoWriMo. So much so that I wrote four of the poems yesterday and three of them today. It’s depression, it amkes it hard to anything but the basics and while poetry is as important to me as breathing and eating, I did choose both of those over writing this week.

Anyway. Here are this week(ends) poems and the prompts, which I think I stuck this week. Mostly.

Day Fifteen – Hold It Back

Day Sixteen – Untitled

Day Seventeen – The Dragon’s Choice

Day Eighteen – Untitled

Day Nineteen – Untitled

Day Twenty – Emotional Memory

Day Twenty-One – Off-Broadway Adpation

Read them, enjoy them, let me know what you think and it’s never too late to join in.  For moreinformation check out my week one round up and here are some more poets taking part in OctPoWriMo:


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  1. I’ve lived with depression for 10 years this year so I know first hand how hard it is to function when you’re in a dark period. The fact you’ve managed to write anything is incredible, you should give yourself some credit x

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