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NapoWriMo – Day 11

Push against the veil only then can death push back a silent wanting from your grave it calls to your spirit without your knowledge and you fall to protect it when the end finally comes.


NaPoWriMo – Day Ten

Don’t stop. Don’t slip into slumber while I dream of walking away and stay to keep me still and sated. I have need. I need sweet and soft, never to sleep alone. You never give me what I need. I...


NaPoWriMo – Day 9

Every movement of my mind, every shift of my senses aches. It’s been taken from me every molecule of madness gone. I had more, had something but I let it slip away somehow. The reasons are elusive so I’ll never...


NaPoWriMo – Day 8

I write poetry late at night in broken verse with broken words without any source of light. I write poetry in the middle of the day scribbled on scrap paper because I’ve something to say. I write poetry you’ll never...


OCD: Weird Forks

Something I can’t really explain is my aversion to using weird looking forks. It’s definitely an OCD thing. I have a lot of weird looking forks too so we’re at the point now where my wife will actually ask me...


NaPoWriMo – Day 6

She doesn’t spend the night. I never see her sleep, I see her make love and have sex, drink and drown in wine and wanting but she never spends the night. I never see her sleep. I sleep. I sleep...