Six Weird and Wonderful Backpacks You Need In Your Life

I love backpacks. I don’t carry a purse or a handbag, and right now I don’t even have a wallet. But I always have at least one backpack and a messenger bag on the go. Right now mine is looking a little sad and I really want a new one. I think I need it too, but I definitely will before we got to America in August. I always have had a lot of junk to carry around, notebooks, pens, books and now I have a kid I always have nappies, wipes and other bits and bobs that babies need.

I don’t just buy any old backpack, I really look into it and spend a long time trying to find one that will last a while and looks awesome. I don’t think I need anything as complicated that can carry tools – though that would be awesome and my wife would love one. I am tempted by one with a solar panel though. I’ve spent a lot of time at Backpack Hack recently.

So, here are some weird and wonderful backpacks that I really want.

1. Cheeseburger Backpack

Anyone who watches Steven Universe knows about the Cheeseburger Backpack. It features in the third episode and is the wonderful. Everyone who’s a fan of the show wants one of these. And now it’s real and available to buy! It has three pockets, had tomato and lettuce and sounds pretty big at nine inches deep. I definitely want one if I can get one shipped to the UK. Or preferably find one for sale in the UK – Steven Universe is one of my favourite shows.

2. Jump From Paper Backpack

These backpacks are amazing. They look like cartoons but are completely real and functional backpacks. They are absolutely beautiful and as big as a standard backpack – big enough to fit in books and even a small laptop. Which is handy because I have a small laptop. I don’t know how well it would keep looking so good though, I think it might get dirty pretty easily and ruin the two dimensional look.

Doesn’t mean I don’t want it though!

3. Lego Brick Backpack

I love Lego. Have done since I was a kid and I still have most of the lego from back then. I have a coffee table bought specifically to store Lego in. So I definitely want one of these backpacks. I don’t know how much it would hold though, and now I’m carrying more around it’s a pretty big consideration. I do love that it every one of the circles of the brick are separate zip-up pockets. It’s about a foot long and pretty wide – bigger than it looks in the picture – but I would need a big pocket at the front rather than six little ones.

It looks awesome though.

4. Pet Backpack

I have five cats, though I can only imagine that one of them would enjoy riding in this pet carrier – Reb Brown. Though, I suppose if I’m carrying around my cat I won’t have much room to carry around anything else. Especially if that cat is Reb Brown. This would’ve been great for when Micky was alive – we used to walk him around Abersytwyth a lot, but cause he was an old cat we would often have to carry him. We had a shopping basket for that but this would’ve been much, much better.

5. Olde Book Backpack

This backpack is perfect. It’s weird, it fits a laptop, it has two pockets that zip up and most importantly it’s shaped like a book. I love books. We all do in this house and I really want this backpack. I’m not sure how well it would hold up to heavy long term use but it would fit everything I needed and then some judging by the measurements. Plus Thinkgeek has a really handy chart to make sure your laptop fits in any bag you buy.

6. Pratesi Guitar Backpack

This is currently unavailable on amazon, but my it’s an awesome looking back. Made from real leather and in the shape of a guitar any music fan would want this. Any backpack fan would want this. The material would mean it would hold up well, though it only has one main pocket so all my stuff would be together. It does have however a speaker built in and an mp3 connector so you can play music on your guitar. Epic. I think this backpack would make me look much cooler than I am.

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Which will I buy? Who knows until payday.

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