My Sunday Photo – 11th June

Not one of my son this week, but a picture of Kitten the kitten. While wresting a nine-month-old baby and a nine month old kitten, I managed to drop Kitten and then proceed to trap her in the door. I don’t think the door did any damaged but I suspect it was more when she landed. Cats usually land on their feet.

And to be honest I don’t how she landede – other than badly. She was limping for a couple if day and had a swelling.. By Tuesday we were thinking about the vet. By Wednesday we were pretty damn sure we were taking her to the vet. On Thursday morning we took her in and were told it was either a fracture or nerve damage.

A nerve damage would mean she would have to lose the leg.

Thankfully, an x-ray showed she had fractured two bones in her leg. Which could still mean she has some nerve damage, and lose the leg. Hopefully being in a cast for six weeks will do the trick. We have to go back next Thursday – she may have to have multiple cats too cause she’s so young but I don’t think she’ll grow much bigger. Her mum is a small cat too.



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