Why I Won’t Work With Brands

Diaryland still exists.

I’m a blogger. It’s not my main profession or anything, I have a paying job in a pharmacy that I really like and won’t be giving up anytime soon. However, I am a writer, a poet and a blogger at home and in heart. And I definitely will never be giving any of that up.

Of course, I want to be paid for my work. I get paid at the pharmacy. I get paid for writing too, freelance work, content creation for other blogs. Telling other people’s stories mostly but while I went into the pharmacy job just to get paid, it’s definitely not why I got into blogging. If you’ve gone into blogging to make money you’re going to be sorely disappointed. There is money in writing but it’s not for everyone.

That’s okay though, cause that’s not why I write. That’s not why I’ve ever written. And it’s not why I blog either.

Blogging has changed over the years since I first had a Diaryland and a Modblog. Blogging was less about reviews, selling, and shilling and more about journaling, storytelling, memoirs and biographies. That’s the blogging I got into, that’s why I started. I needed help and I need to write, to get stuff out of my head.

That’s still why I write. Why I blog.

Everyone wants to make money. And I’m not going to lie and say I don’t want money. I need money to pay for hosting and so on.

So why don’t I want to work with brands, big companies, or sponsored posts?

I don’t want to sell stuff.

I don’t want to tell some crappy makeup set or someone’s new style of mobile phone. I don’t want to convince anyone that some pizza place is awesome and not in anyway overpriced. I don’t want to waste your time and mine with half-truths and creative wording.

I am great at writing bullshit, I’ve learnt from the best. Suffering from depression and being a former self-harmer makes you very good at both lying, bending the truth and selling a falsehood. I’m great at that. I could convince you that a so and so’s new film is the best thing I’ve seen since sliced bread.

The thing is; I don’t like sliced bread.

So I won’t do sponsored posts. Even if I believe in the product. I don’t care enough about any particular product enough to sell it to you. I’m not a salesperson. That’s not what I want to do with my life and so many ‘top’ blogs are just reduced to advertising. Banner ads, affiliate links (I know, I know) and sales pitches in the form of posts.

I have a store, and I have my poetry collections. Those are things I’ve made that are for sale but I tend not to promote or actively sell them. The little money I make through the Zazzle store is funnelled back into the blog. Whether you want to buy something from the store then that’s fine, thank you, but you are under no obligation to do so and no one is paying me to sell you those things.

There are no stories, nothing to learn, nothing that entertains.

I will, however, work with charities. This is something I believe in and want to promote. I want to help charities. I’ve written for Mind in the past, I post on The Mighty (not a charity but a site about topics I care about) and I’ve even joined the Woodland Trust as a volunteer writer. I used to volunteer for an Oxfam bookshop and Care Society — a homeless charity based here in Wales. I volunteered my time and my admin skills then. Because I had them to offer and believed in the causes. Now I don’t have time during the day but I have time in the evening – to write.

So I will continue to blog my way, telling stories and offering lists of stuff I find online that I like (books mostly, I like books and kids stuff). However you blog make sure you do what you love, write about what you love, really love what you love.

I miss the old days of blogging, but in this new world, I don’t have to fit in completely.

No one does.

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