Welcome to QLF.

My name is Ren, I write the blog.

I’m a nonbinary bisexual Welsh Coventry Kid living in Ceredigion, Wales.

This is my Queer Little Family

2021 – New Quay, Wales

Ren (they/them) – 40, parent, aka Bow, Bread. Likes tea, sleep, and pizza.

Bethend (she/her) – my wife of nine years, aka mum, from New Jersey. Likes Opera, video games, and tea.

Flower (she/her) – six years old, formally known as Snappy, born in the bath. Likes Lego, ballet, cars, and sweets.

Beany (she/her) – two years old, aka sausage, sleep goblin, born in the hospital but only just. Likes cats, noodles, and dancing.

The Blog

QLF was born to write about my life and journey into parenthood, with diversions into mental health, being nonbinary and queer as all hell, cats, days out and more. More recently I have been documenting both Flower’s changing gender expression and Beany’s cancer journey.

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Actual Disclaimer

My full disclaimer and disclosure can be found here.