About Queer Little Family.

Being a grown up isn’t easy. Being bisexual and genderfluid isn’t easy. Despite this, I’ve decided to get married and create a family with my wife. This blog is about that journey, about being queer and raising children, despite the fact I have no idea what I’m doing most of the time, let alone when it comes to having kids.

There’s a lot to consider, when it comes to having kids and raising them, and I want to take a honest, no-faff approach to it.

The blog features posts on a wide variety of topics including mental health, lgbtq stuff, blogging, parenting and cats. There is also poety, fiction and photography sparodically.

We’ll feature all sorts of bits and bobs, expanding as time goes on. So keep an eye out and follow us online and sign up for our newsletter.

About Us.

I’m Bread, my wife is Bethend. Our first child Snappy was born on 14th August 2016. We’ve been married almost four years and live in Wales.  We have four cats and several chickens in a little house in a Welsh village.

This is us.







This is Snappy – at eight months









The logo was created by me from an original paper-craft bird she created a while ago and adorns our living room wall. It looks like this:

The logo is gayer.


The grunge pride flags are by Elthalen. Images are either my own or usually from Wiki Commons and Pixabay. Any images from Wiki Common should link to their source (if this is not the case, let me know).


All words are mine.


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