a picture of bethend kissing me on the cheek.
Me (right) and Bethend

QLF isn’t really a parenting blog, and we’re definitely not a lifestyle blog. What QLF is, is an honest blog. We defy categorisation the same way we defy social norms.

QLF is about four year old. It started as an offshoot to my personal blog and then became the main blog when I realised I enjoyed writing in this one more. There was so much overlap that I merged the two. With QLF I have a little more reach and a little more focus on informing and educating people on the boring realities of being a queer family, the journey and the difficulties faced when being queer, living with mental health and generally just being a parent.

The blog features posts on a wide variety of topics including mental health, lgbtqia+ topics, days out, blogging, parenting, and cats. There is also poetry, fiction and photography sporadically.

We’ll feature all sorts of bits and bobs, expanding as time goes on. So keep an eye out and follow us online and sign up for our newsletter.

About Us.

Snappy climbing on some ropes

I’m Ren aka Bread, my wife is Bethend, our first child Snappy was born in August 2016. We’re expecting our second child in June 2020.

Bethend and I have been married since 2012 and live in Wales. We have five cats and several chickens in a little house in a Welsh village.

I’m a writer of LGBTQIA+ fantasy and sci-fi, as well as poetry. You can check out my work on my site rwilliamswriter.co.uk. I work full time for a charity, while also writing this blog.

Bethend is a stay at home mum, with a passion for reading (five books a month usually), history (masters degree in Welsh Medieval literature and Medieval Welsh history) and music (particularly opera and Abba).

We both play video games, prefer old films and MST3K, and are hella queer.

Snappy likes anything with wheels, musicals and operas, does baby ballet and has opinions. Lots of opinions. He really enjoys the Mog books and Richard Scarry.

QLF logo 2020

Our current logo for 2020 was created by me when I was trying to update our old logo to fit the colour scheme and style of the graphics I’ve been using. I realised the bird no longer fit with the blog. Originally the blog was called Winging It and the bird made sense then.

So, I’ve updated the logo.

The original bird.

The original logo was edited by me from an original paper-craft bird Bethend created a while ago and adorns our living room wall.


The grunge pride flags are by Elthalen. Images are either my own or usually from Wiki Commons, Pixabay and Unsplash. Any images from Wiki Common should link to their source (if this is not the case, let me know).


All words are mine unless specifically noted otherwise.

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