AD: Make Your Own Cards With Fontbundles

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Three bees with muted pride rainbow wings and the words bee mine in the bumblebee font.
using the bumble bee font from

If you follow me on Instagram, particularly my stories, you’ll know I’m a bit of a font geek. I will spend entire evenings just browsing for free fonts cause I love them and have no money for design elements.

You may not know that I run a store on zazzle (and one on redbubble cause the stickers are better) to support the blog and help pay for hosting. It’s part of a larger long term plan that may or may not get off the ground. At the moment print on demand is my only option to create a store of my queer little images.

I want to take it more seriously but tend to get distracted or disheartened, depending on how I feel on any particular day. I very much like the part where I mess around in photoshop with different images and matching up the fonts while watching the telly. The business side I’m still working on.

Making Your Own Designs

I’m never going to be a millionaire doing, I less Del Boy and more Trigger to be honest (if you get that reference kudos to you), and this is more fun for me than anything else and something anyone can do.

Pink background, blue heart balloon and the words I love you. I and you are blue, love is in the pride flag colours.
Heilig Outline is my new favourite font.

Getting the fonts free from Font Bundles is just the first step. They’re simple to install – just right-click, chose install and windows does all the work. You don’t need fancy programs to make your own designs in. These fonts work in my word processor (though I don’t recommend you start putting together your CV or work reports in Candish font!). They work in MS paint too; which I admit to using at work and at home when I don’t want to fire up (my admittedly old version of photoshop to do something really simple and small.

It just means you can make your own cards stands out a bit more. Make it a bit different. Even if you’re just sending the in-laws cute pictures.

I tend to make my own cards for people because card companies have only really started to be more inclusive with their cards over the past decade but that still doesn’t really include trans and non-binary people and parents like me.

A tangram heart in the pride flag colours with Happy Valentines Day above it in the origami font.
The origami font was perfect for this.

Valentines Cards.

Before you think I’ve gotten a little ahead of myself I am very aware that I am way too late to be designing Christmas cards which was my intention so I’m working on the next holiday now; Valentines Day. Plus I found some really nice handwritten fonts that matched up with some ideas we had. I ended up making six cards of a couple of different sizes because once I get started it’s hard to stop and I basically downloaded twenty different fonts that I want to use for different projects and perhaps even a new blog design. There are some perfect Christmas fonts, some handmade for valentines that came out really well. I really like handwritten/handwriting fonts.

I love these last three and bee mine. Bee mine is a pun and I cannot resist puns. As you can see I like simpler things, and muted colours. I hope you like them because I have a whole load of new fonts to play with!

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  1. These are lovely thanks for the tip. I used a lot of colouring prints and made theming cards to send during lockdown to brighten up friends days.

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