April Word Count

9584 Words

A notebook that says "Am I good enough?"

I’m a little behind in both making this post and my word count.

April hasn’t been a great month again – for writing or personally, though I wrote more than in March (about 3k more). I made good headway on my novel – I think I know where I’m going with the next bit, I’m having some connection problems though. Not from scene to scene but moving the plot along somewhat without getting bogged down in segues. I wrote some good poems (and some shit ones) for NaPoWriMo but definitely not 30. Fourteen in total.

I also wrote a pairing I’ve never written before – Janeway/Torres. We’ve been watching Voyager again and though I mostly ship Janeway/Chakotay, I predominantly write femslash or non-binary characters nowadays.

I am way behind on my total word count for the year though, by about 15k words but I’m not going to worry too much about catching up until I know my writing head is back in place.

This Months Work


  • 14 Poems – Poetry Tag on Tumblr
  • Blog Post – Nursery Fears
  • Star Trek Voyager Fanfic – Janeway/Torres
  • Flash Fiction – Regicide on Tumblr


  • Blog Post for QLF
  • Penna and Bailey Novel

Next month I want to finish two fics I’ve been writing and go back to my Queer lady in the lake story. Plus I signed up for a Dragon Age femslash fic exchange and I got my assignments through for that. Plus there’s always plenty of things to do on writing.com, that’s where I got the prompt for Regicide.

I am hopeful. Despite everything I always start the month hopeful.

7 Replies to “April Word Count

  1. I miss writing so much! I have a half finished novel and I’ve written a fair few poems, but nothing recently sadly. Would love to get back into it and maybe tracking it like you do would help me! Thanks so much for linking up to #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next time!

  2. So important not to worry about the numbers when your head isn’t in writing mode. When it is you will easily make it up. I find you really have good writing times and times it is best to leave it.

  3. Sounds like you’re being quite productive. I’m impressed that you’re writing a novel. I have considered doing that many times, but have always backtracked on doing it. #KCACOLS

  4. oooh Janeway / Torres is an unusual combo but the more I think about it the more I see it. Most fanfic I’ve seen centres around Seven. I always had a soft spot for Neelix *blush* He’s just so sweet and he’d do anything for anyone.

    Good luck with your word count, You’re doing great #kcacols

  5. April (and most of May) were a bit crap for me writing. You have got quite a few pieces finished though. Good luck with the novel.

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