Baby Kicks

cat related injuries
cat related injuries
Reb ‘The Bagel’ Brown

I finally felt the baby kick.

We’re six months in, so my wife has been feeling Snappy moving around for a little while now: when she eats, when she’s trying to get comfortable, when the cats are purring…but not when I’m feeling it. They stopped moving entirely whenever I put my hand on her belly, like the awkward little crocodile that he is.

Definitely my baby.

Then I finally felt him kick. Not hard, just a light ripple of sensation through my wife. I didn’t quite believe it at first cause I’d been trying so long to feel him and definitely too early, but it was the baby and I’ve felt it since a few times now.

It was not the momentous occasion I expected it to be in some ways. Not that it wasn’t amazing but it wasn’t a huge thing that had me crying or shouting in excitement. Television has ruined me in some ways. What it is though is a constant affirmation of my baby’s existence, my baby’s life. It’s a deep satisfaction at the very core of my being that makes every day I feel him just a little bit better. A little easier.

I can hear him too, not his actual movements but I can hear the amniotic fluid around him move and pop. This is cool too but doesn’t have such an effect on me emotionally. I think that’s because I’m more of a tactile person than I am an auditory one.

It all feels very real when I feel him kick. Even more, so that my wife’s expanding body or the scans, feeling him kick is more real than anything. Not that he hasn’t been real, though for a long time I was in a state of disbelief that we’d actually managed this. We’d already had a few setbacks before we even go a regular donor, so for it to work on the second time with this guy was pretty awesome.

Life is going to be very different very soon and very quickly.

Soon I’ll feel him kick his little legs.

I can’t wait. Save

4 Replies to “Baby Kicks

  1. Such a wonderful moment, it seems a little less exciting if your not the one carrying the child, my other half was a little desensitised to the whole baby moving. But wait another month or so and it’ll be a bit cooler when you get an outline of a foot which is pretty surreal!

    And once an animal lover in the womb always an animal lover out of it! My daughter (now 2) and our husky are attached at the hip and she never once cried at his bark!

  2. Aww this really sounds exciting and very touchy to read it! My friend is prgenant as well and I am wondering when she will feel the baby?

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