Guest Post: Using Yoga To Relieve Your Anxiety

Do you suffer from anxiety? Perhaps you have an exam coming up or you have a loved one or a medical condition you are worried about? Anxiety is worrying about future events which may or may not happen. It has a destructive effect on our lives, it makes us stressed, restless and we can have trouble concentrating and sleeping. One way we can help relieve the symptoms and bring ourselves back to normal is through some simple yoga moves such as these I have here for you.

Note: If your anxiety is severe then please consult your Doctor first.

How Yoga Can Relieve Your Anxiety

yoga pose - the cat
The Cat

Yoga is made up of three things: movement, breathing and meditation. Each of these three elements can help with anxiety individually but the power of Yoga comes from the combination of all three. It is more than the sum of its parts. Doing the three together has the power to reduce your anxiety levels.

Please don’t add Yoga to the list of things to be anxious about. Don’t be put off by pictures you see of the young, beautiful and skinny folks bent up like pretzels. That is very advanced yoga and there is no need to be at all like that, starting from wherever you are right now is just fine. These exercises here are suitable for anyone who can manage to sit on the floor. You can do yoga in the comfort of your own home and no special equipment is needed for the routine I have here for you.

Yoga Exercises to Relieve Anxiety

Put on some comfortable clothing that you can move in, take off your shoes and socks and take a seat on the floor. If you are not comfy on the floor, then sit on a cushion or in a chair. Turn off your phone and try not to be disturbed. This should take about 10 minutes in total.

The most calming thing we can do instantly is to close your eyes and breathe calmly and deeply. Breath into your tummy area. Feel your stomach rise as you breathe in and fall as you breathe out. If you can breathe through your nose slowly and deeply. Take about 7 or 8 breaths this way.

Does that feel better? Now let’s add a little gentle movement while continuing the deep breathing. In yoga, this is known as Cat / Cow. If you have not done yoga before then Please take this gently and slowly. It should not hurt in any way. If it does stop and go straight to the meditation below.

  • Come onto all 4’s with your back flat.
  • Breath out and arch your back like an angry cat, push your spine up to the ceiling.
  • Breath in and move back to the start.
  • Next time you breathe out then drop your stomach to the floor lifting your bum and your head high in the air.
  • Breath in and move back to the start.

That is one round. Do about 5 rounds of this cat/cow exercise

Now come and lie flat on your back in the Yoga relaxation pose. Your arms should be down by your side with your palms facing upwards. Your legs should be stretched out straight with your feel relaxed to the sides.

Breathe deeply again and its time for a little meditation.

A Meditation to Relieve Anxiety

  • yoga pose the cow
    The Cow pose

    Breath in and let go, relax your body, and slowly count down from 10 to 1.

  • Relax your body breathe in and imagine your breath going to your feet, Relax your feet
  • Next time you breathe in imaging your breath going to your legs, Relax your legs
  • Now imagine your breath going to your hips, Relax your hips
  • Your next breath goes you your chest, relax your chest
  • Breath into your back, relax your back
  • Breathe into your shoulders relax your shoulders
  • Your next breath in goes to your hands, relax your hands
  • Breathe into your hands, your hands are relaxed
  • Take your breath to your arms, relax your arms
  • Breathe into your neck and relax your neck
  • Now take your breath into your head and into your face
  • Your hands and face are relaxed
  • Your whole body is relaxed.
  • Breath out tension, let go of anxiety, let it go, let it go, let it go.

Now wriggle your fingers and wriggle your toes. Take your arms up and over your head to take a long full body stretch before coming back to normal.

I do hope this has helped lower your level of anxiety. You can use this twice a day every day if you wish

Anne Haile

Anne is a blogger, antique dealer, yoga teacher, cat lover, boater & wannabe vegan. Please find her blog at Yoga Ladies. You can find her on social media too, just click the links below.


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