Here’s Looking At You Kid (Again)

It’s Week Thirty-Two in the pregnancy and things are getting close. In less than eight weeks we will have a baby to put in all this stuff we have.

We have appointments now every other week of some sort – midwife, scans, the anaesthetist. Today we had another scan – our fourth – and it’s no less brilliant seeing him on that screen than it was during the first one. He’s running out of room in there that’s for sure, but growing perfectly averagely. He weighs about four pounds and is normal for this stage which is great because I don’t think either of his mums have ever been normal.

The only problem is that the amniotic fluid is low but the consultant didn’t seem worried. At all. She was great, we’d never met her before. Snappy’s heart and blood flow is strong, he’s the right weight, everything else is fine except the fluid. And it may be that if they scanned tomorrow after he’d had a pee there would be a greater volume.

The only worry is that there less cushioning for the baba, and well, we have jerk cats that like to jump on us. We’ll just have to be careful though, and bethend will drink more water – apparently that helps.

An Early Baby?

We were talking over lunch about when the baby will actually come. The date is set at August 18th, which is week forty, but there is some suspicion from people who have had babies that he’ll be born early. Which throws a bit of a spanner into the works in terms of our jobs. They will have to manage without bethend much like my job will but I am hoping to have the work for the two weeks I get off already done before I go. Or at least half of it.

If he’s early it’s not so bad, we have everything he needs and as long he’s viable it should be fine. If he’s late that’s a problem. Mostly because my in-laws are coming for three weeks, and they leave a just under week after the due date. If he’s a week late then they miss him – though I suspect my mother-in-law would stay while my father in law returned to the US (he’s a teacher, he would have to go back).

Either way, things are getting serious, it feels like we’re in the final stretch. The birth plan will be the next thing to do, and we’ll have to sort of the stuff to take for the hospital and then, then we’ll be ready to go.

I think.



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  1. It’s such an exciting time for you! Thanks for linking up to the #BinkyLinky Sorry the comment is late – we’ve just returned from holiday!

  2. I love scan photos 🙂 I really hope everything goes well, I think with less fluid the kicks are meant to hurt more as well eek so I hope that isn’t the case, good luck to both of you! Looking forward to the baby photo spam 😉

    Stevie x #PicknMix

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