Poem: Heartbeats Are Simple But Powerful Things

Heartbeats Are Simple But Powerful Things

At the end of the day
we are three heartbeats
settling into sleep
in uneven rhythms.
Hand over hand over heart
it’s a simple synchronicity
that lulls me to sleep
and a certainty that
you are there
and we are here.
Soon your movements will
reverberate through
but until then I am confident
in my own pulse
echoing yours
as the end of the day.


I write poetry. See more here – Weird and Important


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  1. Oh so lovely! I think you write beautiful poetry. One of my favourites to do with motherhood is how having a child is allowing a piece of your heart to wander around independent from you, (they made it sound much better!), and this is what your poem made me think of. Thanks for linking it up with us. #bigpinklink

  2. Lovely poem, I hardly ever read poetry, it’s probably something I should do more of. Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back next Sunday. Claire x

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