Queer In America – What Now?

For me, living in the UK, Friday came and went as usual. Went to work, had a doctor’s appointment, went home to my wife and son. I’m pretty lucky as an LGBTQ person – I get to marry and be the mother of a child I had with the woman I love and have my rights a person protected by the law.

I felt I had to say something about this weekend. Because while I am British, my wife is American and not yet a British citizen and I have a lot of American friends.

Last year for LGBTQ Americans was amazing.

This year could be awful. Already the Whitehouse has removed the LGBT page on their website (pages on climate change and civil rights have also disappeared), Trumps advisors mostly anti-LGBT, his Vice President is very anti-LGBT. People are scared. Maybe they should be scared. Everything Obama did could be removed as the Republicans now control the house and senate.

It could be unfounded fear but even if I don’t live in America I feel that fear myself. I think it’s the way things seem to be going backwards and the power and influence the US seems to have over the rest of the world that leaves me a little uncertain. That and my wife is American and we’re going there for a visit in August. In seven months time what will things be like if we’re starting off with such an obvious anti-LGBT sign

It is in all likelihood, just a transition of websites from one President to another. Snopes certainly seems to indicate this is the case. Everything from Obama’s version of the site still exists, and so does all the work he’s done over the past eight years. I hope it remains the case, I really do, but I think the reason everyone has jumped onto this story is because we were already scared that this would be the case. It’s like being in the sea and afraid of sharks. Every piece of driftwood then becomes a shark. Which is fine, it’s just driftwood.

Except for the one piece that is actually a damn shark.

This could be the shark. The tip of a fin from far away and we’re never going to be able to outswim it.

So now what?

We Won’t Go Back

Like GLAAD have said, “We Won’t Go Back.” Don’t hide who you are and don’t ever stop fighting. We deserve equality, whoever we and wherever we go.

Don’t just wait and see. That’s what people are saying. Wait and see if your entire world gets pulled from under you. No thanks.

Get involved in some activism. Millions of LGBTQ people were at the women’s march this weekend, all over the world. Go to your local Gay Pride this year. Be happy. Live your life.

And be prepared. Not for the worst, but for something. Be prepared and find some future support in your area. Wikipedia has a list of LGBT Rights organisations in America, National and state ones. The It Gets Better Project has a support page where you can choose your state and find help wherever in the US you are. The internet has forums, facebook groups and everything in between. Use it.

Don’t be discouraged.  If anyone ever needs to talk about being queer or depressed, I’m always available.









12 Replies to “Queer In America – What Now?

  1. It’s disgraceful what’s going on with these radical christians in power. In Australia we’re equally backwards in Government tho on the street, in the real world, no one cares. It’s amazing that almost 2 decades into the 21st century and we’re so backwards! It’s alarming what’s going on in America. I find it interesting that the Religious Freedom Act doesn’t apply to Muslims – so it’s really just a Hatefuelled Bigoted Christian Act. #FortheloveofBlog

  2. I feel your fear. I think a lot of us do. It certainly is very uncertain times ahead which is what makes us so nervous. Like you say though. Let’s hope those fears are unfounded.

    Thank you for linking up to #KCACOLS and I hope to see you back again on Sunday x

  3. I can only imagine the fear you feel. I was so proud of the advances we have made with the law in the UK and whilst the US can’t take that away from us I do wonder what effect it will have there and globally. I think the uncertainty of it all is really scary! I wish you both a very happy future even if going to America may not be the best idea for a while. Lets hope the next President is a little less of a *insert appropriate profanity.
    Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next Sunday.

  4. I know how you feel! The uncertainty is what we are all scared off! I really hope things don’t turn as bad as we are all thinking! Let’s try to be positive and as you say keep fighting. I hope you have a wonderful trip to the US in August. Thanks so much for sharing this at #KCACOLS . It is lovely to have you here and also thank you so much for all the commenting that you have done this week! I really appreciate it! 🙂 x

  5. I think what is making this worse is the uncertainty. No one knows what will happen and the signs don’t look good do they. All we can do is wait and see. Fingers crossed for a safe trip when you visit #kcacols

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