Vaccination and Freedom of Choice

I will be getting Snappy vaccinated.

There’s no decision to make because the decision was made as soon as these vaccinations were invented. I will get my baby vaccinated. End of. I will not be talked out of it, or even consider not vaccinating them.

I think people who do not vaccinate their children are risking too much. Measles can kill. Whooping Cough can kill.

But that’s okay if you don’t want to do it. If you really think the risk is too much then don’t do it. Just don’t expect everyone to agree and don’t bully people into trying to think like you. Don’t be a knob about it, you know.

I’m a  pro-vaccination, hugely so, if you can’t tell, but I’m not going to shove it don’t your throat. Though I am going to enjoy the odd meme, I do believe in freedom of choice, (hate speech and racism/homophobia/sexism do not come under the umbrella of freedom of choice for the record). Anti-vaxxers, don’t vaccinate your kid, it’s you choice, it’s your risk. Just like vaccinating my kid is my choice and my risk. But don’t get all upset when people treat your kid like it’s contagious. Because it is, these diseases are contagious, that’s what made them so prolific in the first place and not everyone is willing to take the risk you have.

I’m the same. If you haven’t vaccinated your kid, I’m not going to spend any time with you any more, or be around with you. It only takes one person to catch the disease you know? So I’ll stay away, but not because I don’t believe the vaccines won’t work. But because I’ve not been vaccinated.

Herd immunity doesn’t work if everyone’s depending on it for a couple of reasons. One, all it takes is someone new and contagious to move into the area, next door, coming into regular contact with you. Being surrounded by other healthy kids isn’t going to stop a virus. Two, if everyone is depending on herd immunity and the minority are vaccinated then there is no herd immunity. Herd immunity only works if they majority are vaccinated. Even then it’s not a guarantee. Herd immunity never helped me growing up.

I Am Unvaccinated

For the record, my parents aren’t anti-vaccine. My dad has epilepsy, and back in the early eighties, there wasn’t a lot of knowledge about how it works, if it could be passed on, etc. My dad’s doctor wasn’t very good (not just because of this, he was a terrible doctor) and told him the vaccines could make me very sick and my dad went with it.

So I was never vaccinated. It was also before pregnant women were vaccinated against whooping cough.

When I was a few weeks old, I caught whooping cough.

My baby book says I nearly died. My mother says it wasn’t that bad. I don’t think either memory has held up well over time.

Thirteen was a particularly bad year for me. I got both measles and German measles, within the same year, an inflamed gall bladder, as well as Whooping Cough once more – which then left me with admittedly mild asthma. I missed around six months of school. Most of that could’ve been avoided. I passed out at school, I didn’t do any sports for six months after the whooping cough because my asthma was pretty bad then. I still get really bad coughs and have to have an inhaler for the winter. Most of that could’ve been avoided.

I could’ve died though. If I had been younger, or weaker, or just plain unlucky.

So I refuse to go through what my mother must’ve gone through, seeing me sick so often. I refuse to make Snappy go through any of that.

That’s my decision and my reasoning. Herd immunity and just plain luck are not going to save every child from these terrible illnesses, it could be your kid, but I’m not going to try and bully anyone into it. That’s not my way.  We all have to suffer the consequences of our decisions though – you with yours and me with mine.



11 Replies to “Vaccination and Freedom of Choice

  1. I couldn’t agree more. I am passionately for vaccinations. I think people that still choose not to vaccinate their children are misinformed misguided or most likely both. Vaccines are a luxury that the western world take for granted and the developing world often long for. They should not be dismissed or refused. Not when it compromises the lives of our children.

  2. Vaccinations can kill and change lives as well.
    I am not against all vaccinations – I am against unnecessary ones and giving them in 7-8 at a time doses.
    Drug companies have no accountability!

  3. I have to say I agree with vaccinating. I think we should be doing everything in our power to keep our children and society safe. Despite arguments against vaccinating, I still believe this is the best option. #momsterslink

  4. I’m pro-vaccination too, it’s our duty to protect our kids and those around us. I, like you won’t force my views on to anyone and believe in others’ making their own informed decisions.

  5. It can be tough to give the vaccines because there are these question marks over some of them causing problems. But at the end of the day, if everyone stops vaccinating then these disease will take over again. It’s too bad you were so sick as a child. I vaccinated all 3 of mine. Thanks so much for sharing with us at #BloggerClubUK x

  6. We’re vaccinating our son as well. It’s just too risky to imagine not doing it. Although, I do think there is some merit behind the skepticism on vaccinations. I just think the pros outweigh the cons.

  7. I am all for vaccinations as well. A lot of the anti-vax people I have heard from have made the decision based on a discredited study about autism. Do what you feel is right for your kids, but just be aware that your decision not to vaccinate could affect more than just your kid.

  8. Are you able to get vaccinated now that you are an adult? That’s crazy that you survived all that … Wow! I am pro choice as well but have chosen to vaccinate all my children, especially when we plan to do a lot of over seas traveling when they get a little older. Thanks so much for linking with #momsterslink and I apologize for the delay in commenting as I’ve been vacationing for 2 weeks. Do hope to see you tomorrow!

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