Aber Ffoto Marathon 2018

The Aber Ffoto Marathon was back on this year. We did it for the first time in 2016 when Snappy was a baby and it was easier to carry him everywhere. We had a lot of fun and we were gutted when they weren’t able to do the ffoto marathon last year. This year I figured we’d do it again, though I didn’t expect to have to carry Snappy as much. He’s off walking at the moment it seems. So I had a laptop, all my junk and a toddler to carry around town taking pictures.

And the camera.

Basically, it works like this: Six hours, six themes, six photos. You get two themes every two hours and have to hand in all six photos by four in the afternoon. It’s up to you how you interpret the theme. There are a few rules, and different categories for different cameras (including smartphones).

Anyway. We enjoyed ourselves, it didn’t rain, many pictures were taken. Here are our pictures this year.

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