Nine Advent Calendars For Grown Ups And Win An English Tea Shop Advent Calendar!

So, as you may know from my other Advent Calendar post I buy my wife the Lego calendar most years; this year is no different – it sits on top of the hutch waiting for the first. Snappy has an advent calendar that Bethend made for him and that we fill for him with little bits and bobs but what about me?

Well, other than the Lego one I haven’t had an advent calendar in years. I don’t bother with chocolate ones cause I could just go to the shop and buy myself some chocolate every day. Cause you know I’m 35 and work for a living.

But, someone posted about a cheese advent calendar on facebook that Asda do that would be awesome if I knew where the nearest Asda was (hint: not on a bus route), So, in lieu of cheese I did a bit of looking around online and found a few I would definitely like and a whole bunch that other people would like.

So I’m sharing them with you.

Tinc 2017 Stationery Advent Calendar – £28.00

I found this one searching for stationary advent calendars cause I love stationary. Especially notebooks. While I figured a notebook calendar would be a bit much (or a bit expensive) but awesome, there must be something similar. The Tinc one is actually a bit of everything from pens to luggage tags included in last years version.


Technic Man’Stuff Toiletry 12 Days Advent Calendar Bath and Body Sets – £10.86

This one is a 12 Days Of Christmas one rather than a full advent calendar. Despite it being in the title and description of the product people have given it low reviews because they can’t read. People are idiots. I like the shape of this but they didn’t really need to gender is so aggressively but that’s really a different issue. For a tenner, it’s not bad though.

Advent Calendar Colouring Book: 24 Christmas Mandalas – £4.75

There are a few different colouring books but everyone I know who’s into colouring is into mandalas. Not sure why, but this is Christmas mandalas! It’s kinda pretty but not something I would get myself. I have way too much to do as it is.

Advent Gin Calendar 2017 Edition – £144.01

I don’t actually drink much, so this is not something I would even consider even if it wasn’t over 100 quid. However, both my mum and mother-in-law are all about the gin. I think if I had silly money I would buy them both one of these. I know they would love it. Alas , mums, t’s just not meant to be.


Official Duerr’s Jam & Marmalade Individual Portions Festive Merry Christmas Advent Calendar – £9.99

This jam calendar is really different and I kinda like the idea of a different jam on toast every day. I think my son would like this – he loves toast – and I was really surprised to find it was only a tenner. Very cute and very different. Unlike the gin calendar, you don’t have to even be jam crazy (or a jamaholic) to want to spend money on this.

Craft Beer Advent Calendar 2017 by Laithwaite’s Wine – £49.99

Again, as with the gin, I don’t really drink. but I found this by following the suggestions around the site. It’s a real ale advent calendar and I know some people who are really into that sort of thing. I don’t know if it’s any good and put people into craft beers may want to give it a try.

Bomb Cosmetics The Bomb Advent Calendar – £19.05

At this point, I’m finding more advent calendars for other people and nothing for myself. I know lots of people who would love this; my wife included and my neice too. I don’t like baths. I like the shower, in, out and done. My wife has a nice relaxing bath though and has a bath bomb now and then. There are two different advent calendars but this company featuring bath bombs and soaps.

Yankee Candle Holiday Party Christmas Advent Calendar – £21.99

I love Yankee Candles, so this is a good one for me. Plus I have five cats and a toddler so it’s always good to have something to disperse their smells. Though, since moving into the bigger house it’s not so much of a problem. It’s good value – 23 tealights and votive all brand ones isn’t bad for just over twenty quid.

English Tea Shop Xmas Advent Calendar – £8.96

And finally, we find the perfect advent calendar for me. Less than a tenner and full of tea. My wife and I are both tea drinkers. We live on tea. I’m pretty sure I’m mostly made up of tea now. This is something we can share too, so I’m definitely getting it.

This is where you can win one of these great advent calendars just in time for December! Perfect for the tea drinker in your life, or just for these long winter days.

Tea Advent Calendar Giveaway

Which advent calendar would you get or is there one I’ve missed. Let me know in the comment. Especially if there is cheese, tea or stationary involved! And check out my other advent calendars for kids post.

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14 Replies to “Nine Advent Calendars For Grown Ups And Win An English Tea Shop Advent Calendar!

  1. These are all really good ideas. I like the stationery one, and of course the gin one! Thanks for linking up to #KCACOLS hope to see you there again.

  2. I am glad that you two like teas, I do to. Teas are not just a beverage to me, with I cup of a good herbal tea I know that I will speed up my digestion and take care of my health. Well they also taste great.
    By the way I love the English tea calendar too.

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