Welsh Business Review: Artfull Puffin

I love supporting Welsh businesses – we have an abundance of talent and expertise here in Wales that often goes unnoticed and it’s something I would like to change.

Starting with Artfull Puffin.

Artful Partfull puffin logouffin is based in Monmouth and takes their name from a childhood nickname of designer David Evans. They make Greetings Cards, Magnetic Bookmark Cards and Gift Tags, and a range of hand-painted silk ties too. They’ve got cards for most occasions. I have a bundle of their Christmas range on my kitchen table waiting to be written that they sent me.

I tend not to write my Xmas cards until December – we will be making a card of our own of our son as usual for the grandparents but I have a large extended family, friends and colleagues I would like to send cards to also.

And these are gorgeous cards.

They’re all great quality too, the thick card that feels great and everything is bright and colourful and perfectly put together.

Christmas Cards

The cards are gorgeous and with both modern typography designs and more traditional watercolour images there is something for everyone. I personally love the calligraphy style myself, words turned into images really appeals to me as a writer and my favourite card is the Partridge In A Pear Tree card that comes are part of the 3 days of Xmas set. Hopefully, they will expand on that idea in years to come.

Gift Tags

The gift tags feature the typography design, something designer Sherren McCabe-Finlayson came up with as a way to give her family’s gifts some individuality. I actually kinda want to save them and put them on the tree because they’re so beautiful. I love the penguin one the most and will be buying a whole load of them if possible (turns out I can).

Other Cards and Magnetic Bookmarks

I think they’ve got me figured out already at Artfull Puffin because they sent a gorgeous Saint Davids Day card with daffodils on them. They also sent a Meerkat greeting card and magnetic bookmark. I both want to keep it and give it to my friend. I’ll probably give it to my friend and carry on using receipts and bus tickets as bookmarks. I wasn’t as keen on the After Klimt, silk-painted illustration greetings card but of everything in their store, it’s actually the only thing I don’t like.

Where To Buy and Links

You can buy the entire range from their Etsy store. Everything is reasonably priced considering the quality and uniqueness of the product. I am all over those penguin gift tags on payday.

Thanks to Artfull Puffin for sending me some samples to review.

If you’re a Welsh business and want a review or to collaborate – get in touch today!


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