Holy crap what the hell is this?

It’s been over a month since I gave up on the bra.

I wore it a couple of weeks ago for a job interview (I didn’t get it), but other than that I’ve not bothered with it. Two things have been very clear over the past month. One. I don’t need it. Two. No one notices. Like I said in the post before (here) I only have small breasts so I don’t really need much support if any. Sometimes I drop down onto the sofa a little hard and my breasts bounce, but I don’t run, I don’t even walk that fast, so I really don’t need it.

No one notices.

Okay, so I am very aware of my nipples sometimes, when I start the day actually or wear a tight t-shirt or top. Mostly I forget once the day gets going cause there are more important things to think about than my nipples. My work uniform is this thick synthetic material so it’s not really a problem.

I have never been more comfortable. I don’t need bras.


I can see her nipple!!! Flaming June by Frederic Leighton

I really don’t want to have to wear a bra again. I really don’t need them as I said before. All a bra ever did was cause my back to hurt depending on which end of my weight scale I was on.


I’m a normal person, I don’t like wearing bras, I don’t look good in bras though I appreciate them on other people. I’ve found it all to be a bit like shoes. Shoes are for other people. People who like shoes. I’m not down to a complete level of casualness around my house – to the point of nudity – depending on the time of day.

Even with my nipples being a little more prominent than before (cause there’s no padded layer of bra between them and the world, they are still just nipples. We all have them. And yes they are important and hell they are fun but they are mine and they really have nothing to do with anyone else. Even if you can see them through my t-shirt when the wind picks up a bit.

No Reaction

Thing is no one has even noticed. Not that I’m aware of. No comments, no staring, no weirdness. Especially at work and hell, I had to point it out to some people I know (my sister, a friend). I think it’s noticeable, terribly so, because like I said, I’m very aware of my nips and I’ve been wearing a bra since I was about 14 or so. So over nearly twenty years. It’s like if I had decided to stop wearing pants. Or trousers. Or cut off a finger. Though I think if I stopped wearing trousers people would definitely say something.

Reminds me of Boudica or something.

Wearing it for the interview was horrible. I took it off as soon as I was done, but I did because of the top I was planning to wear would’ve made it a little more obvious and society probably isn’t ready for my awesome screw my bra philosophy.

It’s a work in progress. It’s only been a few weeks. So we’ll see.

On this topic I recommend this BuzzFeed post:- This Is What It’s Like To Get Fitted For A Bra At Six Different Stores. I spotted this today, figured it was very appropriate for what I was writing about today. Someone should definitely do this in Britain. I once went to Marks and Spencer’s to be fitted and was a 38AA, or a 40B. Two bra sizes they didn’t even stock at that store (if at all I wonder) Basically, I stuck to a 38B like I always have.

I’ll revisit this in a few weeks again, to determine my current obsession with my own nipples (I do have a healthy interest in both my breasts and the breast belonging to other women).

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