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Into 2019

So, the hiatus went on a little longer than expected but as part of my pledge to write 200,000 words in 2019, I’m back. More on that pledge later. 2018 hasn’t been a great year. Between work and my mental

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June’s Entertainment

It’s July already – so here’s what we did in las month! We started watching Brooklyn 99 again. Just cause it’s awesome. We haven’t finished Castle but it’s on hiatus in this house. I watched Terminator Genisys which is both

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May’s Entertainment

So every month I’m gonna recap all the stuff I did over that month. The things I’ve watched, read, played. Ate. Not worn, cause I literally have three outfits; work uniform, pyjamas and jeans/shorts and t-shirt/vest. And trainers. That’s all

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The Stolen Notebook

I love a good notebook. I’m a huge fan of stationery in general. Pens, paper, notebooks. Little stickers. I’m crazy about stationary and have been for a long time. Maybe it’s a writer thing. Maybe it’s just cause I’m a

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