May’s Entertainment

So every month I’m gonna recap all the stuff I did over that month. The things I’ve watched, read, played. Ate. Not worn, cause I literally have three outfits; work uniform, pyjamas and jeans/shorts and t-shirt/vest. And trainers. That’s all I ever wear.

So this is what I got up to in May.

Mostly this month I read Voyager fanfiction. Mostly Janeway/Chakotay Voyager smutfic. And when I say mostly, I mean that’s all I’ve read this month. I would say I have a problem but it’s only a problem if it interferes with your life. And it totally isn’t. And eventually, I will run out of fanfiction and start reading the books on my side table that I bought so I wouldn’t just read J/C fanfic all through June.

Kinga and TV’s Son of TV’s Frank

We finished the new series of MST3K at the beginning of the month. If you haven’t seen it, it’s on Netflix and it’s brilliant. I loved the original seasons and had high hopes (and expectations) for the new run. I was not disappointed. Patton Oswalt and Felicia Day are brilliant as the Mads and I like the new guy Jonah.

We’re also working our way through Castle. We fell behind (in that we stopped watching it) around season six during its broadcast and now we’re rewatching and catching up. We’re on season five right now.

The Last Leg is back for the election season and if it’s the only place you get your news from like some people I know (*cough* my sister “cough cough*) then there are worst places to get information from.

I’ve been listening to a few different things, as usual, this month but mostly a combination of The Offspring, Florence + The Maschine’s How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful and Lady Gaga. I also made a Janeway/Chakotay playlist and started a Castle/Beckett on. I’ve not finalised the J/C one yet though.

Lost Kingdom is pixel pretty

On the Xbox 360 I’ve been playing Civilisation Revolution and Torchlight. I finished my third play through of Kingdoms Of Amalur in April and wanted to play Dragon’s Dogma again before I break out the Dragon Age games but I couldn’t find it. Then my wife packed up all the games. So I got Torchlight in one of the many sales for like three quid and play that when my son is asleep.

On the PC I’ve just started playing Kingdom: New Lands. As these things often go, my wife watched a Let’s Play of it and I bought it for her cause she doesn’t have a lot of games she can play (she doesn’t have the quick coordination for most games). Then she encouraged me to try it and it’s addictive. Hard but enjoyable and addictive. I’ve managed to get to the third island and last 28 days so far.

I’m not sure why they even used two different fonts.

We went to the Garden and Craft Zombie fair in Aberaeron on Bank Holiday Monday. We go every year and call it the Garden and Zombie festival because of the font they’ve used on the poster is pretty much the default font for horror films and creepy stuff all over the web. Anyway. We got some plants and a tree for the new garden, ate some amazing curry. My son devoured a spinach and goats cheese pasty. We went to my sister’s place and did some of her housework then made it look like my niece’s toys had done all the work.

No poetry this month but I did write some fiction after not writing any for a good few months. So check out Flash Fiction: Beach Pitstop.

We got the keys to the new house this month so we can start moving some of these boxes we’ve been packing up. My son turned nine months old and decided he’s done breastfeeding. I got an epic haircut and went back to to see if that will help inspire me to write more.





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