Category: Fiction


Fiction: Ack-Ack Girls

A peice of fiction about the women who manned the Anti-Aircraft weapons during WW2. It was late into the night but Gwen was still awake, listening to the thuds of the rain on the tin roof of the dormitory. Staring...


Flash Fiction: Beach Pitstop

It’s been a little while since I wrote some fiction and any Kara and Etta stuff. So here is a little bit to get me going. “Do all beaches look like this?” They’d been travelling for a while now, through...


Fiction: Denial – Kara and Etta

Written for the Lost & Found: Valentine’s Edition blog hop. Kara doesn’t think it’s love. Not at first, not for a long time. She knows love. Knows how it feels – she’s sure of it. This doesn’t feel like that....