Eight Awesome Toddler Backpacks

So I need a new backpack. Badly. On Monday I wanted a new backpack, now it’s Tuesday and another zip broke and now I need one. I was looking online for backpacks and found some great looking ones – some really cool ones that I really want. I am aware though how bad the weather is here in Wales. Winter has been pretty harsh this year and very, very wet. My current backpack is not made for the Welsh weather so I started looking for waterproof backpacks and then got a little sidetracked online as I usually do and ended up looking at kids backpacks for when we go to America, Snappy will be nearly one, nearly walking and trouble!

While he is only seven months old now, when we go to America, Snappy will be nearly one, nearly walking and trouble!

And there are so many adorable kids backpacks.

1. Teacher’s Pet Backpack

Designed by artist Michelle Romo this backpack from Land Of Nod is so cute. There are a few different designs but the fox is definitely my favourite. I want this one for myself. It looks pretty tough wearing and it’s for ages three and up. though what three years old are carrying around I’m not sure. Rusks and toy cars I suppose.

2. Bixbee Flyer Pack Rocketflyer Backpack

This backpack looks like a jetpack. No seriously, that’s what it makes me think of. It’s a decent size and a great design though I imagine those rockets won’t handle much when it comes to grabby kids. And this is a backpack a space-loving kid would want to use all the time. I like that the detailing on it is made with reflective material too – good for road safety.

3. Hi-Vis Dinosaur Kids ActionPak

We live in a rural area, with few street lights on our street. So this is the perfect backpack for a kid who lives on the edge of nowhere. I used to walk on the road a lot growing up where I did and never with any safety gear on. The bag comes in a couple of sizes, and with a free high vest. I love it and it there is a butterfly version too.

4. Skip Hop Zoo Mini Backpack with Rein

These are cute little backpacks for little walkers with a clip on rein to stop toddlers from running off. I always thought it was odd to have a kid on what was effectively a lead but now I have a kid I see exactly why. Snappy is only crawling but he’s getting quick and he wants to walk. I like that they have chest straps too to keep the bag in place and for good posture. So these are sweet and useful.

5. Play it Again Sam Back Pack with Detachable Doll

This bag comes with a toy that can be taken off the bag and played with. I liked the patchwork look of the toy and that the inside is wipeable. Kids are sticky. It’s perfect for a toddler though it looks like the toy is attached by velcro which might be a problem when we’re out and about. You don’t want to lose it and it would end up in the bag itself!

6. Batwings Backpack And Harness

Another backpack with a rein, it makes your child look like a bat! My niece would love this though she’s a bit old to need a rein. It doesn’t look like it would last very long, though and it doesn’t hold much. Though again, how much do toddlers really have to carry around. It has wings though!

7. LittleLife Butterfly Toddler Backpack

Another backpack with wings but this one is a butterfly and looks really well made too. It holds quite a bit for a toddler’s backpack, two litres worth and has padded straps as well as a safety rein. I think this is really good value and one of my top choices for a backpack for Snappy with he’s walking and we’re heading to the US.

8. Penguin Backpack

I really like penguins and this blue one is super cute and a decent size too. No harness or anywhere to attach a rein though but plenty of room to hold toys and biccies and a jumper. And I really, really like penguins! It’s not currently available on amazon but hopefully, in the future, it will be available because I think this would be a good day to day bag for Snappy.

More Information

We’ll definitely need something for him when we go away. It’s a long flight – our carry-on bags will be full of things we need for the trip so it would be useful to have an extra bag for his toys, snacks and nappies so we had more room for other stuff. Here are some links for more information.






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