Eight Weeks Old

I haven’t posted for a little while – I go through these bouts where I don’t want to write. Writer’s apathy. Or Blogger’s apathy in this case. Instead of writing I’ve been reading, playing Age Of Empires 2 and spending time with Snappy. I’m still feeling it but I really want to continue this blog, and my other blogs and the project I started in documenting Snappy’s life and being an LGBT parent.

So, here we go.

A Quick Update

He’s eight weeks old and amazing. He’s doubled in size in the past eight weeks and gone from 5lbs 13 to 9lbs 6. The last time he was weight was a couple of weeks ago so I suspect he’s over ten pounds now. He certainly feels like it when I’m carrying him around the estate trying to calm him down or get him to sleep. He’s okay in the sling but it does start to make me ache after a few hours. I’m not as strong as my wife and I definitely need to work on that.

I love carrying him in the sling, though. I like having him close to me. He tends to fall asleep in the sling pretty quickly too, which makes it easier to get him on the bus if he’s not fussing.

He feeds really well, too well sometimes. Though he gasps a lot and coughs but the Health Visitor Carol says that’s normal. He tries to feed too quickly the silly little thing. He’s a pretty happy little guy unless he’s really hungry. Or if he’s hungry and having his nappy changed. Other than that he’s smiling, laughing and happy to be hugged by everyone and anyone.  He has great control of his head already and really likes to stand up. He’s way too strong for his own good already.

Mostly he sleeps pretty well.

From about eight until two am and then after that, he’s up and down.

He has a routine.

Home By Six

I work until half five most days. But once a week I work until six. Snappy has gotten used to my routine, on Tuesdays he gets a little grumpy when I’m later home than usual. As soon as I’m home he’s happy and settles on me. He either falls asleep or is happy to listen to me sing or talk to him until he falls to sleep or its dinner time (his and ours).

Last week I swapped my six finish with the manager so on Wednesday I came home late. And found my wife and son waiting for me at the bus stop. He had been fast asleep until six, then had woken up and started to get fussy around five past. At ten past six he was in full meltdown. By the time we walked from the bus stop to the house (all one minute walk of it) he had fallen to sleep.  I changed and sat down on the sofa with him draped over my shoulder and he was dreaming.

I don’t know how he knows, he can’t even see the clocks let alone read the time. Plus, I don’t have a clock.

Six Week Check

He had his six weeks check a couple of weeks ago with a different health visitor and a doctor. She weighed and measured him as usual. Everything is progressing along normally. He peed on me for the first time when I stripped him for the scales. Very impressed with himself right until he had to be weighed – he hates that. Though he didn’t cry this time; he was really good.

Doctor Thomas came and checked him over. Everything from his eyes to his testicles. His head to his hips. He declared him perfect.

Damn straight he’s perfect.

Eight Weeks Old

Part of me can’t believe he’s already eight weeks old. Part of me can’t believe he’s only eight weeks old. I am in still in complete astonishment that we managed to do this; that we’ve been this lucky in having a baby, this baby. He’s so cute, his smiles are freaking adorable and I love seeing them. Love seeing him. When he’s asleep, awake, crying, laughing, trying to figure out the world.

He’s met a great deal of his family. All his grandparents. My dad came to visit from Coventry a couple of weeks ago.

My wife is enjoying being a stay at home. I like being a mum full stop. Life is pretty good.

And now I’ve written and posted this, I’ll be getting back into it again!






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