Five Fab Halloween Board Books

halloween board booksAt fourteen months my son really likes books. He can’t read of course, but he likes the pictures and likes to flip the pages and have his mummies to read to him. Or he likes to read to us. He also likes to chew on books – I assume it’s a teething thing but sometimes I think he just really likes chewing on stuff. He’s both bonkers and a baby, what ya gonna do?

With the chewing (and the pulling and inevitable ripping) most of the books we let him ‘read’ at the moment are board books.

Our friend sent him some great stuff from the state for Halloween, including a book, a cool glow in the dark t-shirt and some candy corn. Though I think the candy corn is for us and I bought him a book too. There are some other great Halloween board books out there and these are five I like the most. Including Meg and Mog, which I had as a kid.

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Eek! Halloween!

Eek! Halloween! by Sandra Boyntenhalloween board books was a gift from our friend and is a wonderful book about some chickens on Halloween. We love chickens (we have four) and the art style is bright and the story is fun. I find the rhyme scheme a little hard to read aloud but Snappy likes it.

Ten Little Monsters

Ten Little Monsters by Mike Brownlowhalloween board books is one of many ‘Ten Little’ books and is adorable. I like this one a lot, backwards counting is always harder for kids to master so it’s good to get them started early right? Something like that. I like the stories a lot in this and it’s a very cute book.

Meg And Mog

Meg and Mog by Helen Nicolhalloween board books is a classic. Every kid has read some Meg and Mog right? Well, I have, and I had to get a copy for my son. He already has all my old books from when I was a kid but most of them are for older readers not board books. This one is a must have, cause I like the drawings so much and it’s really bright and bold to get the attention of a baby.

Little Cat

Little Cat (Finger Puppet Book) by halloween board booksKlaartje Van Der Put is great because it’s a sweet story with some interaction. I find the finger puppets that are stuck in books a little hard to use but I do like tickling Snappy with them and hearing him laugh as we tell the story so it’s definitely one I would want to get him,

Creak! Squeak! Halloween

Creak! Squeak! Halloween by DK Bookshalloween board books has flaps and noises and is a whole production about Halloween. I’m not a big fan of flaps because they just get torn, so it’s not one I’d leave with Snappy to play with. I like books with interaction though and anything that encourages more of that and more interest in books and reading is a good thing.

So those are our five Halloween books this year – what about you? Do you have any suggestions when it comes to budding readers/chewers?

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12 Replies to “Five Fab Halloween Board Books

  1. Ten Little Monsters sounds like a fun book! I think the ultimate classic Halloween Book is the Skelton one that goes … it was a dark dark night….

  2. I miss these cute little books! My kids are all this much older, but I used to love things like this when they were tiny. So cute!

  3. Ten little monsters is a huge favorite in this house and we read it all year round from request of the kids haha they now know the words so it’s a real treat when we all read it together!!! And how could I forget about meg and mog!! A classic!

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