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July’s Entertainment

The heatwave is over. Maybe. Either way, the rain is definitely here which I’m glad for. The fields are brown and the ducks were paddling instead of swimming. It’s much-needed rain. We’ve had a stupidly busy month which is never

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January’s Entertainment

It’s almost over! Winter is almost over and Spring is starting – though it’s earlier than ever this year. However, we did a lot in January, the month after Christmas is usually quiet and depressing and despite a long cough

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Seven Super Christmas Board Books

Continuing on after my Halloween and Thanksgiving board books, I decided to look for some Christmas board books naturally. Snappy loves books, even if he won’t let us read to him unless he’s already half asleep. Anyway, after browsing for

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Five Fab Thanksgiving Board Books

Okay, so in the UK we have Harvest celebrations earlier in the year; in fact, we had our church thanksgiving brunch this beginning of this month. I had a migraine though so I couldn’t go. However, my wife is American

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October’s Entertainment

We finally finished RuPaul’s Drag Race and watched All-Stars. Now we’re just waiting for Season Ten of Drag Race and Season Three of All- Stars to hit, but not until next year. They announced the cast of All-Stars this week

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