Four Fun Easter Board Books (And A Mr Men Book)

Easter is reeeeeeally early this year, it’s Good Friday this Friday, so I’m a bit later than usual with my holiday themes board book list. To be honest, I wasn’t actually going to a board book post, because Snappy isn’t into board books now. He still likes to look at the pictures but we’ve moved on to bedtime story reading and board books just don’t fulfil our bedtime reading needs. We’re working out way through the Mr Men books grandad Phil got him for last Easter right now, as well as some Enid Blyton books.

However, I can resist a book of any kind so here a four Easter board books and a Mr Men book.

We’re Going On An Egg HuntWe're Going On An Egg Hunt is a rhyming lift the flap book about bunnies looking for eggs. Cause Bunnies like eggs. Apparently. They also come across many obstacles and I think you actually have to find the eggs too, It’s not quite the Where’s Wally of egg hunting but good for little ones.

Despite ignoring the leaflet a woman tried to hand to me about Easter not being about chocolate (nice try love) I am planning to teach Snappy the origins of Easter. My wife is Christian, and I just like learning stuff.

So The Story Of Easter is just that. It’s the death and resurrection of Jesus. Adorable Jesus but still Jesus. My favourite things about this book are the reviews. Apparently, the story of Easter is too much for kids, because of the words kill and hated. But Jesus coming back to life? Not a problem…

The Candle Tab Easter book doesn’t have any reviews lamenting the really bad language of the Easter story. Though, it doesn’t have many reviews. I like the look of the candle tab book though, and it’s bigger than the Story Of Easter too. I like the illustrations in this one too and it’s an interesting design.

The Story Of The Easter Bunny is the origin story of the Easter Bunny – I like that it assumes we all know who the Easter Bunny is and what he does. I knew there was an Easter Bunny but I swear down I had no idea the Easter Bunny delivered the chocolate eggs. Easter seems to have been a time completely devoid of any culture that wasn’t chocolate related for me growing up. Also, if a bunny was leaving egg-shaped brown things in my garden, chocolate would not be my first thought…

Mr Impossible and the Easter Egg Hunt is not a board book but is an Easter book. Mr Impossible organises an egg hunt for all his Mr Men friends and hides them in impossible places. And also there is an invisible egg. I assume this is because Mr Impossible is a bit of a troll. Talk about setting kids impossible standards…

So there you have it, a few books for your babies to chew on and your toddlers to toss around the house. This post has affiliate links in cause hosting costs money, but very few posts do cause I love writing.

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