So I Fell Out Of My House…And Fractured My Ankle

So, remember when I fell out of my house two months ago? Yeah, well, the bruises went and the horrible scab on my knee healed (and scarred), and the swelling mostly went down. But not entirely and the pain never went away either. I’d start the day walking normally, and end it limping badly. The doctor had initially said to me that this would last three to four weeks.

So I gave it six weeks and went back to see him.

He referred me for an x-ray and physiotherapy.

I had the x-ray a week ago. It took me 45 minutes to get the hospital. It took three minutes to do the x-ray. If nothing else I was impressed by the efficiency of the NHS and the fact that getting anywhere in Wales is a nightmare.

I had physiotherapy last Thursday. It was my birthday, and we were already due to go to the hospital for a check-up for my pregnant wife, so we made a day of it. Hospital, breakfast, got some things for the baby, went to the sweet shop, had tea, hospital again, grocery shopping, home.

I really know how to celebrate my birthday.

For the record, I turned 34.

So, at the physio appointment, I explained what happened and why I never went to the hospital in the first place and she looked at my x-ray and spoke to another colleague. When she came back she told me I had a fracture in my ankle and I would need a to wear a boot for a week before going back to see her. She seems to think it would be better in a month but I’m not as confident.

Strangely the fracture is on the outside of my ankle but the pain is concentrated on the inside. Perhaps even my bones are awkward.

The boot goes up to mid-calf, and does actually help. I’ve worn it for a couple of days now while doing a morning at work and at the beach and I’m getting used to it. My ankle is definitely less painful at the end of the day, though the real test will be tomorrow – a full day at work. I had all of last week off as usually do for my birthday.

I called my GP the next day, to see what he said, and the nurse I spoke to relayed his message to me. He said I had a chip fracture and asked how I was. We both laughed, my doctor is a little bit nuts.

Hopefully, my ankle will be better in the month like the physiotherapist said. It’s taking a lot out of me, and I need to be better before my wife gets more pregnant and needs more of my help.

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