Guest Post: Why You May Want To Arrange A Tutor For Your Child

If there is one thing that is true for all parents, it is that we want the very best for our children. This doesn’t only mean in their everyday life, but also in their education and future work prospects too. We will work hard to make things easier and better for them and as they head off to school we hope that they will learn as much as possible.

However, what if we feel that they are not quite getting everything that they need? If this is true for your child, then you might want to consider arranging a tutor to work with them. James Goldsmith at offers us reasons why you may want to arrange a tutor for your child.

A tutor can help children with their entrance exams

As a system, 11+ is designed to check the academic abilities of a child. The results of the test will then allow them entry into a grammar school. The 11+ exams are designed to be a challenge, however, you can help your child to prepare for and hopefully pass through the 11+ exams by working with a tutor. The tutor can help the student to understand more about what will be expected of them and give them the support that they need to excel in this somewhat difficult exam.

A tutor can help them to keep up with other children in their class

It is no secret that children all learn at a different pace. Some children learn a particular subject quickly, whilst others may find it that little bit trickier to master. The last thing that we will want is for them to fall behind and feel that they simply cannot catch up. Of course, the standard approach to education is great, however, it is impossible for children to get the individual attention that they need from the teachers.

In comparison, a tutor, when they work with a student one on one can give them the help that they need. They will be able to uncover the key areas whereby they need to catch up on a devise a plan that is going to help them to be on the same level as their peers.

A tutor can make learning a personal experience

As we have already discussed, one issue that is currently seen in the modern education system is that teachers simply do not have the time to work with individual students. This could mean that the student isn’t quite reaching their full potential. In comparison, the idea of a tutor is that they can work with your child in an entirely one on one basis. They will not only learn more about the abilities and learning style of your child, but also can work out ways to challenge them sufficiently, furthering their own learning.

A tutor can make sure that your child gets the most from their education

We all want to make sure that our children get the most from their education possible. What we might not realise is that in order to get the best from them, we need to give them the best education possible. A tutor is a great way to give your child the very best possible chance to succeed and make the biggest steps towards their future success.

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