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Rather Late For Me: The End Of Section 28

Sexual intercourse began/ in nineteen sixty-three/(Which was rather late for me), Philip Larkin memorably wrote, Between the end of the Chatterley ban/And the Beatles’ first LP. I know the feeling. I found Lady Chatterley’s Lover very boring, but I know...


Guest Poetry From Lady Janey

This week I’m featuring poetry by a fellow blogger Lady Janey. She blogs primarily about customer service but also writes cute poetry. Here are a couple for you to enjoy: Barney- My ‘Blogger-dog’ Barney is a happy soul, A lively...


Guest Post: The Progression of Children’s Toys with Time

Toys not only keep children busy during playtime but are also excellent tools that help children in their early development. Playing with challenging toys requires complex cognitive processes to operate, and this assists children’s mental growth. Researchers have found that...