Guest Poetry From Lady Janey

This week I’m featuring poetry by a fellow blogger Lady Janey. She blogs primarily about customer service but also writes cute poetry. Here are a couple for you to enjoy:

Barney- My ‘Blogger-dog’

Barney is a happy soul,
A lively friendly dog
But whilst all his mates, just want to woof,
Barney likes to blog.

He chats about his walks
and the grub he likes to eat.
He likes to play all day,
finding other dogs to meet.

He doesn’t like his lead too much,
he prefers to run around.
Meeting friends and sniffing lots
and eating all the things he’s found.

Back at home he’s on the web,
To catch up with his blogs,
He likes to check the latest posts,
And chat with other dogs.

Now it’s nearly time to go,
There’s nothing more to do
But before he goes to sleep
He’ll read another blog or two !!

woof x

A Poem About Blogging

Hi I’m Lady Janey
I write a customer service blog.
I love to write my posts
And read them to my dog.

For years I have despaired
At falling standards in the U.K.
So I started with my blog
Seven months ago today.

There’s been so much to learn
I’m not even half way there
What are SEO and DA’s
And how do I like and share?

For the site I needed help
Too technical for me
I hadn’t ever realised
How difficult it would be.

So I went to find a man that can
And got the blog right underway
Although quite basic at the start
It looks amazing now today.

People ask me why I blog
It’s because I love to write
If I could then I would
Blog all day and blog all night.

I can’t go out for dinner
Without taking a photo of each dish
Everywhere that I go
I’m always on a mish.

My phone is always on
I am lost without wifi
And if I cannot get a signal
It’s enough to make me cry.

When we had no broadband
I was blogless for two weeks
Couldn’t eat or drink or sleep
And couldn’t even speak.

So if I had the choice again
When all is said and done.
It’s a bloggers life for me
And the best is yet to come!

For more poetry check out my poetry tag or my poetry collections. Check out Lady Janey’s blog by clicking her banner below or follow her on social media.

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