Poem: Not The Man You See

Not The Man You See

Legs reddy brown
from April sun
April wind, and
tangles of matted hair,
he waits fr a train
to somewhere warmer
to walk and wander
in sandals and shorts,
everything and nothing
round his waist
and on his back.
Another day passes
with sneers
not that he notices,
not that he cares.
Happiness is fleeting
and so is her,
unless she is with her.
He’s another man
is someone, a soul,
a father and friend
and pulls presents
from his bag
carefully wrapped
in tattered cotton.
He’s not another body
on the streets.
He is another man
waiting for a train.



5 Replies to “Poem: Not The Man You See

  1. Beautiful beautiful, absolutely BEAUTIFUl! The message behind this is so very deep, and one that we really need to be reminded of. So many look at the unfortunate as a statistic, or ‘just another bum.’ But they are people. People who love and who are loved. Thank you for sharing this. #KCACOLS

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