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Why I Only Write Queer Characters

Sometime last year I stopped writing cishet characters and focused all my writing on queer ones. It was definitely a conscious decision. I was writing less and less cishet characters anyway, maybe subconsciously, I’m not sure. More femslash, more non-binary...


My Favourite LGBTQIA+ YouTube Channels

I don’t actually watch many videos. I’m a writer and reader. Television even is mainly a background thing for me now. There are some channels I watch and subscribe too. I will be doing another post of LGBTQIA blogs I...


Pride Month On QLF

June is Pride month. It’s sunny, it’s gay, we go full tilt on the queer. And seeing as this is Queer Little Family we’re also going all-in on this Pride month. We’re going to be mostly focusing on Queer topics...