Things My Cat Has Eaten – Part One

One my five cats Pogo is both adorable and a jerk. He has perfect soft white fur and horrible blackheads on his chin. He can be the sweetest cat, crawling into bed with us, nudging us and purring his head off. He can be the most annoying cat, standing by the back door crying to go outside.

And he steals.

A lot.

Unfortunately for Pogo, while he’s a great thief he’s a terrible getaway driver. He’ll run off into the back of the house, the bathroom or the bedroom, growling his head off. We’ll find him in a corner with whatever he’s gotten and take it off him.

So I thought I would compile a list of things he’s stolen and eaten. Which is long and varied so, this is a definitely a part one of some.

A Wooden Spoon

One wooden spoon in particular. He started to steal it so he could chew on it and devour whatever tasty molecules were left on it. Even after it had been washed (he’s stolen it from the draining board a couple of times). Eventually, he chewed right through the handle and we had to throw it away. I don’t know what was on it but he isn’t interested in any of the other spoons.


He’s crackers about crackers. Okay, so that’s a little lame but no less true. I’m not even sure when this started only that it’s another one of those things you can’t leave out. Or anywhere really. He’s been known to dig through my wife’s bag to get at the crackers she takes to work and also pick up entire unopened packs of crackers and try and run off with them. He only eats the corners of them though.


Like the crackers, he will try and steal entire loaves of bread. His only hindrance is his size and the fact that he’s an idiot. I’ve seen him do this a few times. I’ve also seen him get into a loaf of bread and as I’ve been chasing him around and trying to collect up the mess he’s run off with an entire slice and eaten it.

Butternut Squash (and seeds)

This is relevantly new and started by Seymour the kitten. I was playing Terraria when I heard the familiar growl of a cat stealing something and looked over to see Seymour eating something odd. When I got there it seemed to be some sort of vegetable innards and the seeds. Which Seymour dropped and Pogo immediately went for. Turned out to be what was left of the butternut squash we’d had for dinner. And as I was trying to clean up the seeds (which my wife wants to plant – good luck with that babe) both cats were trying to gobble down as many as they could before they were all gone.


I found half a tomato on the floor. I have no context but I suspect Pogo. It’s usually Pogo.

Tomato Plant Leaves

I have a tomato plant that at one point had taken over my living room window like something out of the Day Of The Triffids. Occasionally it grew actual tomatoes. Mostly it just stopped me from closing my curtains and is a source of delicious leaves for my cats. Delicious but poisonous leaves. Merry is actually worse than Pogo when it comes to eating the leaves but neither of them has cottoned on to the correlation between them having a bad stomach and them eating the leaves.

Though correlation is not always causation but I doubt that’s the cats’ problem.

The Top Of A Plum Duff

My wife made a plum duff. Well, it was more of a random fruit duff and a delicious one at that. With not a lot of room to store a large duff, she placed it inside two plastic bags and left it on the counter. We woke up one morning to find the bags ripped open the sponge top of the duff missing. Probably inside a cat. Pogo. Open and shut case.

That’s it, next time, more stolen food and other things…

23 Replies to “Things My Cat Has Eaten – Part One

  1. My current cat Ziva will steal crisps out of your hands if your not careful. She is stealthlike in her approach to crisp stealing.
    When I was a child we had a huge farmcat called Wellington who would eat dishclothes. #Bloggerclubuk

  2. This is hilarious! I’m surprised that he steals so many vegetables! My cat doesn’t steal so much as she just likes to bat things off of the counter. I was eating pistachio pudding once though and she pawed some right off of the spoon as I tried to eat it.

  3. My cat loves bread too! He’ll rip open the bag and munch. We have to keep it in the microwave as even a bread cupboard-thing isn’t safe.

  4. Oh my a wooden spoon thats hilarious, our cat will eat adjust about anything he also tends to eat a lot of voles which is always pleasant!! Thank you for joining us at #BloggerClubUK hope to see you again this week x

  5. Our cat Brunel is a keen hunter – so far he has delivered the following exciting finds on our doorstep; some leaves, a bumblebee, and most thrilling of all a rubber glove (goodness only knows where he aquired that from!)

      1. Brunel did get stung once too – his nose swelled up like something out of a cartoon! Thankfully it went down again just as quickly.

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