Worst Kept Secret Ever

So, the official announcement ofย  Snappy was a few weeks ago now – but it was the worst kept secret in town – well in one town and several villages at least. Partly because this is what happens when you tell small children things and partly because some adults are worse than children at keeping secrets.

So here is a list of people who knew well before twelve weeks. In some cases before six weeks.

  • My nephew Taylor,ย  who has never been one for keeping quiet about anything surprisingly didn’t tell a soul.
  • My sister.
  • My niece who then told her cousin who then told her mother and sisters.
  • My neighbour’s little girl who then told her parents.
  • My mum, who told all her sisters, who told all their partners and children.
  • Our donor, his wife, who then told her sister, who told her daughter, who then told the rest of her entire family.
  • My dad who told god knows who else.
  • My best friend Mel.
  • Our best friend Jen, who told her fiancรฉ who said, and I quote, “Was it planned?” Best. Reaction. Yet.
  • My wife told her work colleague who cried which then needed explaining to have the nursery staff. Then as she was driving her home one day told everyone else my wife was sick because she was pregnant.
  • Some of the kids at the nursery worked it out themselves. I’m not sure how.
  • We told my in-laws, who told everyone my wife is related to in America.
  • I told one colleague because I hadn’t gotten to tell many people and I could hardly contain myself.
  • I told another person because she kept asking me how the baby was in reference to a bear my wife had bought a couple of weeks before and I couldn’t handle it any more.
  • Another person on the bus my wife knows guessed because she was holding a hot water bottle onto her breasts when they were sore at the beginning of the pregnancy.

The Actual Announcement

So, by the time we had the first scan and it came time to tell people, there didn’t seem to be many people to tell. I told everyone at work the very next day (I’d taken the day off for the scan), took the picture in to show everyone this tiny little thing that has taken up residence inside my wife.

Explained to a few people that she was pregnant not me.

Showed the picture to every friend that came into the shop for the first couple of days after the scan (I had the picture with me for a bit).

Posted it on facebook.

I know the current trend that’s going viral at the moment is to post clever and creative pregnancy announcements. Something funny or cool or whatever. And okay, yes, the crocodile scan was supposed to be funny, but mostly I did that because our joke on my niece has been that we’re having a crocodile. She doesn’t believe us, she’s five, not an idiot, but it’s funny to try and convince her. Apparently, when she saw the picture of the crocodile scan she freaked out. I posted the real picture the next day, which made her feel a lot better. Though she wasn’t too happy with all the clothes with crocodiles on them.

My main worry about people knowing, before the first trimester was through, was how horrible it would be if she miscarried and we had to tell all those people we’d lost our baby. I still worry about it now. More so actually as we’re further in and even more people know. It’s normal I’m sure, and actually something I struggle with anyway. Telling people good news, or that something good will happen has always been hard for me because I worry so much that it will go wrong and I’ll have to tell people. If only I know something and then it goes wrong, only I know and I find it easier to deal with if it’s just me, just my emotions I have to deal with and no one else’s.

I liked telling people though. I like telling people still. Just those words, my wife is pregnant, are still wondrous and make me smile. My wife is four months pregnant. That feeling makes it worth it, all that worry melts away for a little while with those five words. There can’t be many more people to tell, though, but then, we have another scan next month and hopefully, we’ll find out the biological sex of our Snappy and I’ll get to tell everyone that too.



66 Replies to “Worst Kept Secret Ever

  1. I was the first one pregnant on either side, so it spread like wildfire here, too.

  2. Oh yea that is such a hard secret to keep. We had a lot of people know beforehand, but I didn’t make it official on FB or at work until after 12 weeks.

  3. Congratulations to you both ๐Ÿ™‚ I love the part where your friend’s fiancรฉ asked if it was planned, really gave me a giggle! Love the crocodile scan too! #momsterslink

  4. Birth announcements are so cute and I was so overwhelmed I just face booked the line it’s confirmed I’m pregnant lol

  5. Congratulations!!!! Such lovely news to share. I can certainly relate to people not being able to keep the secret, everyone we told were excellent. Then when we went for an early scan and it was twins everyone felt they couldnt keep it in until 12 weeks. I can’t blame them. As for the crocodile scan – I love that ๐Ÿ™‚ xxx #momsterslink

  6. Being pregnant should never be kept a secret, it’s the best news ever. Everyone loves the idea of welcoming a new baby into their lives. Congratulations to you both and don’t worry too much. Just make sure that you get her everything she needs, especially the check-up and the supplements!

  7. Congratulations!!! I had all of my kids before Facebook and Twitter, and therefore dodged the whole Baby Announcement gauntlet.
    This was such a great story and I love the way you told it.

  8. I went through a late miscarriage with my ex. When my current wife woke me up to tell me she was pregnant, but first response was “don’t tell anybody else.” Not exactly what she was looking for from me at the time

    1. Lol, probably not. I didn’t quite believe her when she told me. I was the same when she asked me to marry her.

  9. Pray and keep positive. I’m sure they were all just excited for you and meant no harm. For us, we made the baby announcement but the main key players knew even before we did the announcement haha.

  10. Congratulations!!
    Here’s to a happy and healthy remainder of your pregnancy.
    I am the worst for secrets and I told darn near everyone as soon as I knew. Makes for a very long 9 months that’s for sure!

  11. I understand your fear. I told several people I was pregnant only to find out the next week I had lost the baby. Losing the baby is heartache enough without having to tell everyone you come across that there’s no baby.

  12. It’s so hard not to tell people because it truly is such an exciting event in your lives. I remember I couldn’t wait to tell people. Especially since for most of my life I had thought I wouldn’t have kids. Thanks for linking with #momsterslink.

    1. Well, this is the same for us, neither of us thought we’d ever get to have kids and no we have a snappy on the way!

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  14. Awesome post. Welcome to parenthood – aka “Land of Endless Worries” as they say what else can you do when your heart is crawling/toddlering around before you – life is even more beyond your control, but it is glowing with the most joy that you can never imagine for yourself. Try to keep the worry to yourself – don’t let it dampen the wondrous beauty that life has to offer your little one.

    1. Thanks. I love the quote. I’m hoping that my wife and I will be able to support each other through our new worries as we usually do.

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