Missing The Midwives

We had our second midwife appointment last week but I didn’t get to go. Normally because these appointments are planned well in advance, I usually take the day off – either as a holiday or rearranging the day I have off in the week (well, the day off I should have if I weren’t working overtime all the time). However, it just wasn’t possible, my colleague in the dispensary had already booked the time off, and everyone at work is trying to get the rest of their holiday allowance in before the new financial year starts. I think I’m the only one who has already used their holiday up (I used it all up when bethend had the accident).

So I couldn’t go and bethend went alone. I called her at dinner time.

I want to go to every appointment, I want to be there to experience everything but I know it’s just not possible. Because I work and have responsibilities outside of my wife’s pregnancy.

Which sucks.

Especially as she got to listen to the baby’s heartbeat. Which apparently sounded like Klimpaloon – the Magical Old-Timey Bathing Suit Who Lives in the Himalayas from Phineas and Ferb. That would’ve been awesome to hear. I know I saw the heartbeat at the scan, and I will see it again and that was pretty amazing, but I would love to hear it too. I’m hoping I will get to yet.

More importantly, the heartbeat was strong and solid. Snappy is doing great and about the size of a pear according apparently. Or a Philippine tarsier.

All the test results were good too, and she’s in the low-risk group for Downs Syndrome too, so that’s one less test we need to have done and one less decision we need to make – though we had already talked about what we would do if it was a high risk of Downs, it’s nice to not have to worry about it. Or to worry about it less. I worry about everything.

Things are going smoothly. The symptoms are mostly normal, but I know she’s struggling with her hands a little – part of an old problem that seems to have flared up again since the second trimester started. She wanted to talk to the midwife about it but didn’t find an opening. I know she found this particular midwife a little off-putting and I wish I could’ve been there cause I can be very assertive when I want to be.

Or at least assertive for other people.

Anyway. The twenty-week scan is next and a midwife appointment straight afterwards so we’ll see what happens then.

As a bonus, here is a clip of the Klimpaloon so you get the reference.


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  1. Ah that’s a lovely post. It’s a shame you couldn’t make the appointment, i can imagine those moments are really special, but like you said – the most important thing is that your little baby is healthy! Bring on the 20 week scan!

    1. It’s inevitable I’m going to miss a few things, but as long as everyone’s healthy then I’m happy.

  2. It’s cool to read the partner’s perspective on pregnancy. (This is my first visit to your blog and with your ambiguous name, I almost automatically assumed you were male. Apologize for that.) Not that either I or my partner have ever been pregnant, but still. I’m sorry you had to miss the midwife’s appointment but glad your wife was able to tell you all about Snappy’s heartbeat and all. I understand you worry about everything. That’s tough, because you can never be sure you’re going to have a healthy baby. Wish your wife well on her symptoms.

    1. That’s okay, I don’t mind being mistaken for male. I’m genderfluid.
      It’s going to be nine months of worry then more worry after that lol.

  3. It’s a shame you missed the appointment, but it’s hard getting time off sometimes! Fingers crossed you can swing it for the 20 week. Glad everything is going well though #BloggerClubUK

  4. Awww excited for you, even though it’s a bummer you didn’t get to hear the heart beat… Thanks for coming by and commenting on my Crazy Things I’ve Seen in TX post — I’m loving y’alls blog!

  5. Going to every appointment is not an easy thing with work schedules, especially toward the end when they become weekly! I think it is wonderful that you want to attend each one!

  6. That’s too bad you had to miss the appointment, my husband was the same he couldn’t always make it but we understand. Glad things are going well, thanks for sharing. #momsterslink

  7. Lovely post and I am so pleased to hear everything is fine with the baby. Thanks for much for linking up with #MadMidWeek blog hop! x

  8. Ahh Im sorry you didn’t make the appointment, I hope your wife manages to get there hand issue addressed. I am sure you will enjoy the 20 week scan (I am currently 33 weeks) its quite a long one as they take loads of measurements so lots of opportunities to want baby and hear the heart beat again. Thank you for joining us at #BloggerClubUK I hope you can join us again this week

  9. Ahhh so sorry you didn’t make the appointment it’s hard when you have to miss out for work but happy and healthy is always a bonus. Your image made me laugh definitely way cuter for sure than that. πŸ™‚ Thanks for linking up to #ShareWithMe.

  10. I went to almost all my doctors appointments alone because my husband had to work. And then the one and first time he ever came with me we found out that the baby had chlorid plexus cysts on her brain (the disolved before she was born) but at the time it was a horrifying experience. And it was on his birthday too. I guess after that he felt like he was a jinx because he never went to anymore appts. even if he wasn’t working. I am happy to hear that your little snappy is coming along just fine. If you have a chance to get a 4D ultrasound I highly recommend it. Thank you for linking with #momsterslink. Sorry for the delay in my commenting as I have been spinning in circles. Hope you will join me again tomorrow!

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