July Word Count


hand holding a pen and writing

That crappy number up there is why my July word count post is being written now – three weeks into August and not, right at the beginning of the month as usual.

It was a rough month, for both my writing and my feelings about it.

I was in London for an amazing week – and I took my laptop but I don’t think I even opened it. Perhaps once but every day was packed and by the time the evening rolled around I was too exhausted to do anything except scroll on my phone. After that, I’m not sure what happened.

Work was really stressful, with my boss gone for most of it.

And I put a lot of work back into QLF again, which left less time for fiction and poetry. I’m still trying to find a balance of the two.

But here is what I wrote in July



  • Wrote a few hundred words of my novel

Not much is it? Nothing to brag about but August is looking up – I’ve already written four poems for my poetry form writing challenge over on writing.com. I’ve also written a little fiction and two blog posts, and hope to write more fiction. I just need to find that balance between my two writing passions and hopefully pick up the pace as we head into September.

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