Bisexual Bloggers

For Bi-Week, here is a list of bisexual bloggers you need in your life. Not all blog about bisexuality, some are writers, artists, lifestyle bloggers or mental health bloggers and so on.

Check out the list and find your new favourite blogger.

Bisexual and a blogger? Add your link in the comments and I’ll add you to the last. I’ll be adding this a proper link page in the future.

2 Replies to “Bisexual Bloggers

  1. Hey, this is TorontoLydia from Twitter. I remember interacting with you there occasionally, but I’m not sure if you remember me.

    I’m a bisexual blogger as well. I don’t blog about my orientation very often, but feel free to add my blog to your list if you’d like.

    This is such a cool idea. I can’t wait to check out all of the other sites you listed. 🙂

  2. Very late to the party – at least I’m in time for Pride month! I blog about books (writing my own, and reading other people’s), travel (mostly walking) and being bisexual and Christian

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