Poetry: I Say

I say
crying is good for you
a release of endorphins
your mind and body sorely needs.

It’s a lie.

Crying hurts,
his now more than mine,
every tiny tear
stings, and my head hurts
and hear aches
as if I were crying,
same as when I am crying.
With you, for you, over you,
depending on the day or your mood.

Crying can means it’s worth it,
rather than the fact that
I am weak
when it comes to you.
I would cry over and over
to hear you say you love me,
one day. One day soon,
I say.


10 Replies to “Poetry: I Say

  1. Lovely poem…my daughter hardly ever cries so when she does it really pulls at my heart strings as I know something really bad must have happened! #KCACOLS

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