Queer Pride Flags 101

To go along with my Queer Lexicon 101, I have made an infographic of some of the more common and less known LGBTQIA+ pride flags.

Again, it’s not an exhaustive list and will be updated over time. To be honest, for this version one it includes all the pride flags I’ve made badges for so far. If you don’t see your pride flag then let me know and I’ll make it into one of these hearts and post it onto zazzle.



  • The Intersex pride flag; I’ve previously mentioned that not all intersex people see themselves as part of the LGBTQIA+ community but some do and so I will be including it in the near future.
  • There is a new flag doing the rounds that I will include and I do want to include the very first pride flag at some point too.
  • I don’t want to get into a discussion about the need for the POC/Philly Pride flag with white people. If you’re white and have a problem with it remember two things. One, it’s not for you (us). Two, POC people want this, so it exists and is included. If POC LGBTQIA+ people want to discuss the flag with me (pros and cons) then feel free.
  • I haven’t included the ally flag and won’t be.

Not all the terms here are explained in my lexicon (yet), so any questions you have leave them in the comments.

And please share the hell out of this!

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  1. No Intersex? I went to a talk on Minority Stress and on the panel there was an intersex person and they really opened my eyes to how little I knew, and how terrible their abuses where by the medical system and just general inequality (in Australia, at least – Malta was mentioned as banning the surgery at birth). Anyway, they mentioned they were often invisible, and here in the flags they are missing? I’m literally blown away at how oblivious you can be to something until it’s pointed out to you, and then you see it everywhere! (by you I mean ME obviously) #KCACOLS

  2. Think this is an awesome idea. Always feel terribly uneducated when I come and visit your blog! But there’s something to be said about learning something by reading people’s posts. Thanks for sharing #KACACOLS

  3. A few years ago at work (i’m a teacher) we had a student who left one year as one gender and came back as another so we had training on how to support and deal with any possible comments/actions from other children. I found it eye opening and massively interesting. I remember some of the above from it. I’m also a face painter and the colours made me thing of my paint cakes and made me want to work at pride to create all the beautiful colours! #KCACOLS

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