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My Favourite LGBTQIA+ YouTube Channels

I don’t actually watch many videos. I’m a writer and reader. Television even is mainly a background thing for me now. There are some channels I watch and subscribe too. I will be doing another post of LGBTQIA blogs I

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Queer Pride Flags 101

To go along with my Queer Lexicon 101, I have made an infographic of some of the more common and less known LGBTQIA+ pride flags. Again, it’s not an exhaustive list and will be updated over time. To be honest,

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Queer Lexicon 101

Not all my readers are queer. I get that. Not all my writing is queer (well, to be fair, it is) but it’s totally passing. And for the next month (year and, well, forever) more and more labels and acronyms

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