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Welcome to the August recap – a big month in terms of travelling but not so much in terms of entertainment! Check out the QLF August!

So we’re still working on RuPaul’s Drag Race – going backwards for some reason. We’re on season four right now that is one of the best because it has Latraice Royale, Chad Micheals and Sharon Needles in it.  We also rewatched Too Many Crooks – A Terry Thomas film from the 60s which is too funny and I watched some Midsommer Murders while in America. And a lot of news. My in-laws always have the news on.

I’m reading The Girls Who Went To War – about the women who joined the army, navy and WRAF during the second world war and what they did. My wife has just read The Day Of The Locust by Nathanael West (she did not enjoy it) and Dragon Teeth by Michael Crichton. Snappy has so many new books to read but currently, he wants us to read him They All Saw A Cat by Brendon Wenzil.


Still working my way through Dragon Age but I’ve also started Shovel Knight too and played about five minutes of Lego Worlds. I want to play Cities Skylines but my laptop just has a meltdown. Bethend’s laptop has been handling it just fine though so that’what she’s playing. Snappy has a small ball pit and is starting to figure out passing his ball to people.

Not much. Some RuPaul and some PMJ but it’s been a quiet week.

Frustratingly not really written anything this week. Dreamt about writing. But between, work, being sick, work and the holiday I’ve not had the time! I’ve had some guest posts on the site too to make sure there was always something for you all to read and enjoy! If you ever want to guest post – let me know.

To America! Check out the holiday recap post here. We went to Cape Cod and down to New Jersey for ten days total. We also went to the Aberaeron Carnival – one of my favourite events of the year. We dressed Snappy up as a Flamingo as the colours this year were all the pinks. It was mostly a good day, Snappy slept through the parade again (did the same last year) but it was marred by some racism at the event.


We’ve finally put up our pictures and artwork up in the house – decent number on the front door (who puts black vinyl on a dark green door) and had a birthday party on this side of the world for Snappy’s first birthday. Plus my best friend Melanie is here for Snappy’s christening this weekend (she his Godmother).



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  1. What a beautiful blog, and even more than that, what a beautiful family. I wish you all, all the best, and continue to revisit this wonderful blog.

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