A Chaotic Christening

This weekend we had our little crocodile christened at our local church during family service.

To start with, you should know, I’m not religious. I’m agnostic at best. I like the idea of there being a higher power even if I don’t necessarily believe in one. I believe in fate, and reincarnation – I was definitely someone before I was me. Possibly a detective in the seventies. My wife is Episcopalian, a Christian demonisation. She went to a church regularly and was an active member when she lived in the states but has struggled to find a church she likes here in Wales. Some were too stuffy, some homophobic.

Our Kind Of Church

The village church has been a good fit for us.

We go semi-regularly. Mostly to family service (first Sunday of the month) and holidays (easter, Christmas, etc). I don’t always go, sometimes I sleep in and bethend takes Snappy on her own. I do not feel guilty about this, I figure if there is a good, he’s really not that bothered about whether get a few extra hours sleep or not. There is no comment about the fact that we’re a same sex couple, we’re welcomed by the vicar and the regular parishioners. There are tea and biscuits after the service. The kids play instruments and sing and it’s general chaos.

It’s our kinda church.

The Christening

Julian, the reverend, treated us and our son like every other member of the church and so Snappy’s christening was like any other christening. Except it was in the middle of family service and a bit chaotic.

Oh, and both the godmothers were ill; there is a sickness bug going around. My mum was also too ill to come (she has a lot of health problems) but my dad came all the way from Coventry to attend and my best friend came over from Ireland to be there (she is his Godmother too). Snappy was in a really good mood all day; woke up really happy and went down for a nap without issue. He let Julian hold him and christen him without immediately crying for bethend. It was surprising because he’s been very, very clingy since we got back from the US.

After service, we had some tea and bethend and Mel (my best friend) had made a cake for everyone to share. Then some of us had lunch at the local pub. The Godparents went home though because of the sickness. It’s been an odd week because I hardly got a chance of spending much time with Mel or my dad, but at least they got to the christening and then home again in one piece.

We got some lovely gifts for Snappy. A gorgeous silver cup from my father, a pocket watch from his godparents Al and Sarah – both engraved. He also got a teddy bear and some cufflinks and a tie pin. He’s a very lucky little boy and very loved. This is I partly why we chose Al, Sarah and Mel to be the godparents because I know they love him and will always love him. They are good people who I trust and love and for me, that’s what the christening was about. To have these people affirm their love for this little boy and promise to be there for him. The whole bit about raising him as a Christian is good too but for me, this was about unifying our extended family.








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